Super P Force Tablet

A formula of Sildenafil and Dapoxetine, Super P Force allows you to explore the pleasures of ejaculation and satisfy your partner without embarrassment or erectile dysfunction.

For those who don’t know, impotence refers to how difficult it is for a man to get or maintain an erection strong enough to engage in satisfying sexual activity. The condition is also known as erectile dysfunction or ED. Ejaculating too early during the process of sex is referred to as premature ejaculation. Whenever men ejaculate, they usually can’t control it so as soon as they enjoy the moment they discover they’ve ejaculated.

Sildenafil and Dapoxetine are PDE-5 inhibitors that work together to boost serotonin production. A total of 100 mg Sildenafil and 60 mg Dapoxetine are contained in each extra super p force tablet. It comes in different package sizes such as 48 Tablets, 100 Tablets, 148 Tablets, and 196 Tablets Super P Force has a price of between $78 – $294. It is manufactured in Sunrise Remedies; its generic name is sildenafil with dapoxetine.

How Does This Drug Work?

The effects of Super P Force are to improve sexual erection while inhibiting ejaculation.

First, let’s discuss erection. Erections result from blood flowing into the penis, filling it up, and stiffening it. Impotent men have tense blood vessels and narrow penis tissues which prevent blood from entering the penis. By swallowing the tablet, Sildenafil penetrates the vessel walls, relaxing and expanding them. PDE-5 is blocked as a result.

The next topic is ejaculation. Premature ejaculation results from the brain sending signals to the muscles in the penis causing them to contract and relax, which leads to ejaculation. It usually occurs after serotonin builds up in the body. In this case, Dapoxetine blocks the brain chemical Serotonin from reaching the ejaculatory center so that the message to ejaculate does not go out for some time. The result is that you ejaculate more slowly.

Super P Force: How to Use It

Your doctor should prescribe Super P Force for you to use. You will be advised on how to use it by the doctor who prescribes it. What you need to know here is how often and in what quantity to use it. The experts, however, also suggest that the drug should only be administered once a day. Therefore, don’t take two extra super p force tablets before a sexual encounter. Just take one tablet about an hour before intercourse. For the pill to be absorbed faster and to avoid getting stuck in the stomach, you must swallow it with water.

You will be given additional instructions about how to take the medicine, such as how to avoid interactions. If your dose changes, it should be on the advice of your doctor and not your own choice. 


You can change so many aspects of your life with this medication. People who use this medication narrate stories about how life has started to become better once they started taking it. Their erectile dysfunction had made them feel like they were at rock bottom. There is more to sexual dysfunction than just a problem in the bedroom, and by using this medication you can correct it. You can do this in several ways.

  • Enhances sexual performance: Sex life can be frustrating when an erection fails and ejaculation occurs early. This medication will, however, make sex more satisfying and exciting. Without climaxing, you can last twice as long. With repeated use, you can last even longer. You will also have a very hard penis, something your partner is likely to enjoy. That will make sex more exciting.
  • Relationship improvement: A relationship can be strained by impotence and erectile dysfunction. It leaves couples feeling unsatisfied and lonely. If you take this drug, you can revive your relationship’s sexual activity. By doing so, you can create bonds and strengthen relationships through non-verbal communication. 
  • Improved health: You can be healthier if you have sex frequently. This is not just about your mind; it also affects your body. Men with erectile dysfunction and impotent men often experience depression. This can be treated with medication. There are other options as well. This drug will relieve pressure on your prostate as well as improve the state of your prostate. In addition, sex is good for your heart since it encourages physical activity and improves cardio health.

Side Effects 

You may experience side effects depending on your body. Although about 10 percent of people who use this drug may experience some side effects, Sildenafil and Dapoxetine in their doses usually do not cause side effects.

  • As your blood pressure drops, it can cause headaches
  • you might feel nauseated
  • your stomach may feel upset
  • your nose may feel congested
  • you may turn red on your face and neck
  • you may feel back pain

In addition to common side effects, there may be side effects related to overdose, allergies, and interactions. Although uncommon, these events can still happen, and when they do, they deserve urgent attention.

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