To dissociate completely from the past one needs to have a few sittings of the laser. It is the latest scar-less “high power pixel laser” and this one will have minimal side effects. This treatment is much advanced if we compare it to other lasers. High-powered laser beams are delivered by it. It gives exemplary results. Safety is completely taken care of in this treatment. 

In a country like India due to fashion trends, most of the people have a tattoo either on their hands and other body parts. But few are satisfied and happy having the tattoo. Around 25% of the people regret getting tattoos. If you are among those then there is good news for you. With this one can get rid of the unwanted tattoo permanently. 

About Tattoo Removal in Jaipur

Alma Q Special Features-

  • Versatile features are offered by the combined Q-switch, long pulse Quasi LP.
  • Maximum power is delivered by the double pulse technology
  • For accurate and appropriate treatment the unique depth control capabilities are there.
  • For all skin types (I-VI) and thin delicate areas, it is much safer and effective.
  •  Wavelengths which are multiple.

How does it work?

This process involves the passing of a specific wavelength of light into the skin. And it gets absorbed by the ink. As a consequence of small particles, the tattoo ink will break. All this is then removed by the natural filtering systems of the body. The surrounding skin remains unaffected. The amateur, surgical, professional, and tattoos formed after any injury can be removed using laser treatment. 

How many treatments are required?

For the removal of professional tattoos, it takes around 6-10 sessions. For the amateur ones, it takes around 4-5 sessions. In a 6-8 weeks interval, the spacing is done. The number of treatments is determined based upon several factors. Medical professionals perform the tattoo removal in Jaipur process. Any claims are done by any “beauty clinics” are false.

Are there any side effects?

High power pixel Q switch machines are safe to use. There will be temporary effects. Other side effects such as infection, scarring, textual changes, ghost shadows, color changes like hypopigmentation or hyperpigmentation, etc. will be there. With proper technique and care, such things can be decreased.

Is Laser Tattoo Removal painful?

It may sound uncomfortable. It is almost comparable to the time when you got this tattoo inked. If required one can apply topical anesthesia prior to the procedure.

Does it take time to heal after the treatment?

Yes, a crust is formed which takes around one week to fall off after the procedure.

What is the cost of tattoo removal?

The main factors upon which the laser treatment cost tattoo removal in Jaipur will depend is the tattoo size and the number of sittings. The removal process is mandatory to remove all the tattooing ink. Other factors are also considered apart from the cost of the treatment. There can be the risk of having inferior results and health problems in case you opt for a cheap clinic.

What are the key points to remember while undergoing this procedure?

  • Every individual has different skin and is unique in their own way. One should always have realistic expectations and don’t get carried away by the advertisements, celebrities, results obtained in other patients, etc. One must remember the fact that it is technically impossible to actually remove the tattoo completely. One can only lighten it and nothing more. The flawless skin that you had before the tattoo can’t be regained. There will always be a ghost mark.
  • On the size, age, and color(s) of the tattoo the number of treatments will depend. The removal technique is affected by the color of the skin and how deep the tattoo pigment goes.
  • Your treating physician should be a trained cosmetic dermatologist that have ample years of experience.
  • Q switched lasers have various makes and all machines are of different power. Service providers must be chosen wisely.
  • In removing different colored tattoos it may take multiple sessions. Even after multiple treatments, the faint image may persist. The treatment depends on the color, size, number of sessions needed, etc.

Why choose Jaipur skin city?

Jaipur Skin City has world-class facilities that can cater to every need of the people.JSC has the renowned surgeon Dr. Sachin Sharda who is the medical head and is a vast experienced dermatologist. He has acquired expertise in different types of skin and cosmetic procedures. Using modern laser equipment “Alma Q” the laser tattoo removal in Jaipur process is done. This process is carried out under very strictly monitored conditions. To get more knowledge you can contact 9468975757.


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