Technical SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is essential for businesses or people with a website.  

In this article, we will discuss some of the crucial technical tasks that SEOs (Search Engine Optimization) need to take charge of to ensure increased organic visibility. 

Did you know? In today’s marketing landscape, you need a technically sound website to drive revenue and bring brand awareness. Therefore, your website’s health is highly important. 

Optimize your website architecture 

Your website architecture must have a rational flow with hierarchical arrangement of web pages. By ensuring this, everything on your website becomes easy to understand for the visitors and website crawlers. 

What if your site is not optimized well? Your web pages are at the risk of missing the chance at getting crawled, ranking in the search engine result, lose the chance of becoming a revenue-generating asset.  

Pro tip 

In your journey in marketing, at some point in time, you may need to get your hands on email marketing or maybe you wish to reach out to the C-level executives of organizations.  

The ideal communication channel would be email. 

Here is a tip for you to find email addresses from linkedin and build your email list. 

How to find email addresses from linkedin? 

There are chrome extensions to pull email addresses associated with a person’s LinkedIn account. For instance, has a LinkedIn extension, using which you can be able to get anyone’s email address from LinkedIn with just a click.   

Isn’t it incredible?   

Now let us continue with the technical SEO tasks you must take care of. 

Make sure your pages allow indexing 

You must know how important it is for every page to get indexed. When a page is not indexed, there is no possibility for it to appear in the search result.  

Remember, not all crawled pages are indexable. It depends on the robot tag you have used for the pages.  

If you want your web pages to be indexed by the search engine, then you will have to ensure that your web page’s robot tag lets the search engine to index.  

Does that make sense to you? 

See if your pages are crawlable 

As a site owner or an accountable person, you must ensure that your site is always accessible to users and search engines with valid status codes. 

And as mentioned before, also make sure that your robots.txt files are not restricting the pages you want to get indexed. 

A minor mistake could prevent your pages from being seen by the crawlers.  

Enhance the page experience 

Factors like page loading speed, navigation, etc., could make or break your conversion rates. Search engines recommend the site owners to improve their technical structures to achieve good ranking in the search engine result page (SERP). 

So, these are some of the key tasks that demand major focus.  

Well, why is technical SEO significant?  

To be successful with SEO, the technical aspects of your website/webpages are essential.  

Concluding thoughts 

As we discussed, the technical facet of your website renders a crucial role in your content performance. Ensure that you take time to optimize key technical facets (indexing, page speed, etc.) of your website to ensure more revenue and traffic. 

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