It is a dream of many to secure British citizenship and enjoy the same opportunities and benefits as any other British citizen. However, for the past few years the rejection rate of British citizenship has risen like never before. Almost 9000 applications were rejected in 2020 alone.

Many times, the applicants are unaware of the reason for their application to get refused.

Here, we discuss a few common reasons to avoid British citizenship application to get refused.

  1. Eligibility criteria not met: Most applicants when they apply for British citizenship do not meet the eligibility criteria. This becomes the reason for application refusal. It also happens that applicants don’t follow application guidance or lack of legal assistance.
  2. Good character certificate: Bearing a good character is mandatory to apply for British citizenship. If you could not produce a good character certificate or have been a defaulter in paying tax, the Home Office declares you undesirable character.
  3. Application fee:  the most imbecile act that applicants normally commit is by not paying British citizenship application fee.
  4. Inadequate funds in the bank: it is important to show enough funds in your bank account to sustain yourself and your family in the UK. The money should prove to be genuine. Avoid surplus money deposits, and it could lead to suspicion and visa rejection.
  5. Inappropriately placed documents: every supporting document that you submit must be in the order it is asked. The Home Office deals with thousands of applications everyday, if the documents are disorderly placed then it could lead to visa rejection.
  6. Spending more time outside the UK: An important aspect of ILR is the 90 days rule. If the applicant has stayed outside the UK for a continuous period of 90 days, then the application is likely to be rejected.
  7. Criminal record: At times visa applicants do not disclose any history of the criminal records or are not aware of it. Any discrepancy, intentional or unintentional, if the Home Office finds, they will immediately reject your application. It is best to disclose any such history if you have.
  8. English proficiency test and the Life in the UK test: In 2020 alone recorded 206 refusals based on insufficient knowledge of English and not being able to pass the Life in the UK test. You need B1 level language skills in English, if you don’t belong to any English speaking country.

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