When it comes to selling products over the Internet, online retailers are naturally confronted with the fundamental question of which store system they should ideally use in order to meet the individual requirements of their project – after all, the selection of different store platforms is extremely extensive these days. 

However, the Canadian store system Shopify is particularly popular. This is hardly surprising, as Shopify generally offers numerous advantages for online retailers, for example in the form of the high Shopify lifetime value.

The following article explains in detail how online retailers can benefit from using Shopify.

Setting up an online store is child’s play

Shopify impresses above all with the decisive advantage that the online store can be set up and configured extremely quickly and easily with the help of the application. Setting up a web store can be done in impressive four minutes. 

The necessary technical infrastructure, i.e. both the hosting and the software itself, is provided directly by Shopify, making it easy to get started with online trading. 

User-friendly backend

The Shopify store system is also characterized by the fact that the administration of the online store is extremely uncomplicated and user-friendly. 

The backend has an intuitive design and can also be customized according to your own requirements – no special technical knowledge is required. 

Appealing look of the online store

Shopify offers its users a very large and varied number of templates – many of them are even available completely free of charge. 

This gives online merchants the opportunity to make their web store exceedingly appealing to users. This benefits the overall user experience – i.e. the UX – to a great extent. Incidentally, the design that Shopify users opt for most often is called “Porto”. 

Integrate apps easily

Online store operators also get easy access to numerous other integrations and apps through Shopify. This is thanks to the many different interfaces that the store system has. 

This makes it possible to use not only a large number of apps from Shopify itself to operate the online store, but also numerous apps from third-party providers that were not developed by the Canadian company itself. 

This in turn results in the great advantage that entrepreneurs from the field of e-commerce can expand and design their online store to the highest degree according to their own wishes and ideas. Shopify can therefore undoubtedly be designed as a highly customizable complete solution. 

Maximum reliability and security

In today’s online commerce, the most important thing is the highest possible level of security – especially when it comes to sensitive customer data and personal information. However, it should also not be neglected that the respective data must be reliably retrievable at any time. However, Shopify carries out comprehensive maintenance and updates at regular intervals, so that these requirements are met without any problems. 

However, it should not be neglected that Shopify’s basic technical infrastructure is of a very high quality. Even if the access numbers should be above average, there are no server timeouts to worry about. This is especially important for online retailers during peak times, such as Cyber Monday or the popular Black Friday.