During the past few years, people in Islamabad have shown an increasing interest in purchasing flats, penthouses, and condos. This is partly due to a scarcity of space in the city to build new housing developments with residential properties and plots. Plots are being phased out in favor of high-rise buildings in the capital city because of the lack of urban land. Islamabad is currently seeing a large number of residential and mixed-use construction projects. The Blue World City is the best area to buy property.

As a result, those looking for a place to call home in the nation’s capital now have more alternatives. People seeking flats in the city may be feeling overwhelmed because of all the new projects in the city’s real estate market.


One more prestigious real estate project, Bahria Town, has been designed to provide residents with a secure and comfortable place to call home, according to developers. One of Islamabad’s most sought-after gated communities, it has been ranked among its most sought-after housing complexes.

Islamabad’s new Bahria Town, which covers hundreds of acres and is connected to the famous GT Road, is a genuinely enormous housing project. Rawalpindi is the furthest point of its reach. Connected by signal-free corridors or expressways, it consists of nine segments distributed throughout the terrain of the twin cities.

We’ll start with a 1-bedroom unit in Bahria Town Islamabad, which ranges in price from PKR 38 lakh to PKR 1.2 crore on average. A two-bedroom flat in the area costs anywhere from PKR 75 to more than two crores per square foot. The price of a three-bedroom apartment in the capital city’s Bahria Town ranges from PKR 1.4 to PKR 3.6 crore for those interested.


There are several houses in Islamabad, but none are as enormous as Gulberg. There are well-planned communities and business districts connected by a network of very well roadways. In keeping with its location in Pakistan’s most environmentally friendly metropolis, the entire project is surrounded by lush greenery.

Buy property in Park View City.

The Capital Development Authority (CDA) has divided the affluent area into many sub-districts to make visitors easier. Gulberg Greens, Gulberg Residencia, and Gulberg Business Square are the three most often searched areas in Gulberg, according to Google searches.

Gulberg Islamabad is conveniently located near the city’s well-known Blue Area and other well-known residential and business areas, making it the ideal place to live and work. If you reside in the area, you have access to the signal-free Gulberg Expressway to get about the neighborhood and other areas of Islamabad.


As a result of its accessibility to the Kashmir Highway, G-11 has easy access to the rest of the city. It’s the ideal place to live in the capital city’s most sophisticated and serene area. There are numerous notable districts in and around the metropolitan area that share boundaries with this property development project because of its proximity to the Srinagar Highway. In addition to being the most important commercial market in this area, G-11 Additionally, Markaz is one of the most well-known business locations in the entire twin cities. Among the many advantages of residing in Sector G-11 are the nearby world-class healthcare and educational institutions. Islamabad apartment searchers now have even more reasons to relocate to G-11 because of the recent emergence of numerous residential structures.


Islamabad’s DHA neighborhood is currently the city’s most sought-after location for flats for sale. The area’s infrastructure and living conditions have been designed to assure a high standard of living. All the contemporary conveniences of the city are available to residents at DHA Islamabad, which is situated at the outskirts of the capital and surrounded by a network of well-established highways. There are distinct commercial areas in DHA Islamabad because it is a well-planned real estate development project.

One-bedroom apartments typically cost between PKR 36 lakh and PKR 1 crore. There are two-bedroom apartments in the region that cost roughly PKR 1.5 crore to buy. The average cost to acquire a three-bedroom property in DHA Islamabad ranges from PKR 90 lakhs to PKR 3 crores. Invest in Nova City.


The E-11 district is one of the most well-kept areas in the capital city, with all of the modern conveniences people could ask for. Near the E-11 neighborhood, various urban open spaces and recreation locations can be found, including MPCHS Park, Syedna Usman Park, and Multipurpose Ground Park.

E-11 is situated in a tranquil area of the city, making it a perfect place to stay. The central Margalla Road runs right through the heart of the neighborhood. The magnificent Margalla Hills serve as a stunning background to the metropolitan landscape in the area. Many prominent areas of the city are just a short distance from E-11 Islamabad, such as F-11 and G-10.

A short drive from the neighborhood lies Islamabad’s famed Kashmir Highway, now officially called the Srinagar Highway. Use this route to get to the Islamabad International Airport and travel between Pakistan cities.

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