Adoption is one of the most beautiful experiences that any prospective parents go through. But, unfortunately, there are many misconceptions and myths about the process that scares many people. In this article, we have shortlisted some fallacies that many adoption attorneys have busted. Let’s begin.

Myth#1: International Adoption Is Easier Than Domestic

Keep in mind that no adoption process is easy. Each type of adoption has its challenges and problems, and the same is with international adoption. It is a long process to find a country whose children and adoption policies suit your family’s needs. Additionally, with international adoption, you have to take care of the documentation of immigration.

Also, you might have to make two or three visits to the country you are adopting from. Furthermore, adopting a child in Georgia from another country requires finding the local agency and international child-finding agency to simplify this complicated process for you.

Myth#2: You Can’t Adopt If You Have Criminal Record

People with criminal offenses against children will not be able to adopt, but other than that, having a criminal record will not necessarily take you out of the running. The agencies will carefully examine the extent of the crime, and see when it happened during the application process.

Myth#3: You Can Adopt From Any Country

When any couple or a single person decides to adopt, they need to follow the rules and regulations of that country to qualify. For instance, some countries only let couples adopt, while others only allow singles to adopt from their country.

There are also other criteria that some countries enforce. For instance, some have ethnic heritage criteria. We recommend looking for adoption lawyers. They will help to make the process less complicated for you.

Myth#4: Only Married Couples Can Adopt

One of the biggest misconceptions that we have seen is that only married couples are allowed to adopt. There is no such restriction in the adoption. No matter which cast you belong to, or you are single, you are allowed to adopt if it is something you want. You just need to be over 25 to be able to do so.

In some states like Georgia, there is a requirement that you should be a resident of the state if you want to adopt a kid from there. To make the adoption process smoother and less complicated, help from professional attorneys like Tom Tebeau is very important.

Myth#5: It’s A Big Risk

Many people believe that majority of the adoptions break down and are a great risk. It is not true. The vast majority of the adoptions are successful and have changed the life of many children. According to research, where 37000 adoptions were studied, only 3% showed a breakdown.

The adoption isn’t as complicated as the myths have made them. With the help from the right professionals, it can become easy. Whenever you think of adopting, always search for adoption lawyers near me. They can make the process go smoother and help to overcome any obstacle that comes in the way of adoption.