You can learn a lot about how people felt and thought by looking at their clothing. Each country has its clothing style. Each culture has its unique style of dress. These styles tell a lot about the customers and the beliefs of the Harley Davidson T Shirt. Culture refers to the premises, customs, and skills of a particular group. Globalization of culture refers to the acceleration of integration among nations by the development of modern transportation and economic relations and the formation of transnational corporations on the global market.

According to Global Fashion- A Window into Globalization, textiles and clothing styles have been a major indicator of cross-cultural exchange between Western countries for centuries. Globalization has seen a rise in fashion integration across cultures and markets. This has been reflected in economic, cultural, and lifestyle changes. Fashion has played an important role in connecting cultures around the globe, particularly those from Western countries.

The communication of culture through clothing- Trade and exporters from a country were the cultural ambassadors for their culture abroad. They exported the country’s famous textiles. This was the reason that one country’s culture spread on its temporal side. The valuable cultural clothing and treasures that foreign visitors bring with them when they leave are always taken with them. Clothing styles change as cultural features change. You can learn about the culture, beliefs, values and economics of the different periods by studying their clothing.


A custom is a practise or tradition that has been accepted for a long time. The customs of a country influence people’s clothing choices of Shopping Luzern. For example, the white, long-sleeved wedding dress is an accepted practice in western countries. Other colours are used in the east. Many customs in clothing are slowly disappearing. It was once a custom that only men wore pants. It is now acceptable for males and women to wear pants. People used to wear hats when they went out. Hats are rarely worn today. Designers often look to the past or folk customs to find inspiration and themes.

Two types of customs are historical and folk, or ethnic. Folk or ethnic is the traditional regional or national dress.


Clothing can reflect the beliefs of individuals or groups. Many religious groups prefer a particular style of dress. People from many cultures have held beliefs about luck and magic. These beliefs are reflected in their clothing. Many factors contribute to a country being “Western”, but the main factor is the economic success they have achieved through globalization. Global markets enable Western countries like the United States and Britain to incorporate different cultural identities and traditions into fashion influenced all over the globe, increase employment and involvement with developing countries throughout Asia, and ensure social and environmental sustainability from a global platform.