Wintertime in Ohio is upon us, and you will want to ensure that your irrigation system is prepared for the upcoming cold winter months to protect it from the elements and to ensure it is up and running properly when springtime arrives.

Failing to shut down an irrigation system properly for the winter is not only dangerous, but it is taking an unnecessary risk that could cost you a lot of money later on if you have to replace your system. The water that is left in your irrigation pipes during the winter is sure to freeze and expand which can cause pipes, fittings, and valves to burst which can cause serious damage to your home since the water can drain into your crawlspace or foundation.

The irrigation and sprinkler specialists at Waterville Irrigation Services Perrysburg will remove the water from the pipes of your irrigation system through a method of blowing out the water by connecting an air compressor to your system. The Waterville technicians use a certain type of air compressor that will reliably remove all the water from your irrigation lines. Doing it yourself is not a viable option since many air compressors use high pressure but low volume which means all of the water may not be removed from your irrigation pipes.

Whether you have an in-ground irrigation system in which all of the pipes are buried underground or in an above-ground system in which the backflow preventer, pipes, and other parts of the system are above ground, the deadline for winterization is December before major cold fronts hit in January. If there happens to be a cold snap before your scheduled winterization, you can wrap the backflow preventer and any exposed pipes in thick towels or blankets then rotate them with dry ones if they become wet. You should also make sure you turn off the water to your sprinkler system by November to help reduce the chance of your pipes freezing until your Waterville irrigation specialists arrive to winterize your system properly.

Waterville Irrigation Services

The properly trained and skilled irrigation and sprinkler technicians at Waterville Irrigation have the experience, knowledge, and equipment to install, maintain, and winterize a proper and adequate irrigation system at your Perrysburg, Ohio, home or business. Waterville Irrigation has been around for years and is a well-established yet rapidly growing company. Each irrigation specialist at Waterville Irrigation is specifically trained to winterize your irrigation and sprinkler systems properly to protect them properly over the winter. They will also set up a schedule with you to check your system over the winter then open it back up when the last snow of this season melts and it is springtime once again.

If you have been searching for Sprinkler companies Perrysburg, Irrigation system installation Perrysburg, or irrigation services Perrysburg, look no further than the experienced, knowledgeable, and trustworthy irrigation specialists at Waterville Irrigation Services in Perrysburg. Call for an appointment today.