Did you know that a lack of organization prior to a meeting costs businesses nearly $400 billion a year?

There are many reasons why people aren’t organized before a meeting. They didn’t test the technology to ensure smooth video conferencing.

Sometimes, a meeting has to occur with little lead time. The conference room design also contributes to wasted time during meetings.

How can you ensure a productive meeting? Create a conference room design that promotes employee engagement during long meetings.

Read on for the top conference room design tips that will boost morale.

Consider the Purpose of the Conference Room

There are meeting room spaces for different purposes. Keep this in mind because the design sets the tone for the meeting.

A breakout room is perfect to have a quick, unplanned meeting.

A breakout meeting is more casual, and the space should reflect that. A small, round table and sofa are good items to have to promote a casual conversation.

Employees that work in an open space but need privacy to make phone calls benefit from phone booth spaces. These are small rooms that make conversations private without distracting other employees.

A formal conference room like a board room is where you entertain clients and multiple team members. This setup has a long table for 12-20 people.

This is an essential space to foster collaboration between departments. It’s a formal space, and the furniture needs to reflect that. Everything should have a professional and formal look.

Audio/Visual Equipment

Video conferencing took the corporate world by storm during the pandemic. It’s not going to go away after the pandemic, either.

Chances are, you’ll have some employees working remotely while others are at the office. In order to keep the meeting productive, employees need quality equipment that’s easy to use.

You need to have quality cameras, good lighting, and excellent audio.

Does your organization plan to present to clients remotely? Invest in a switcher and multiple cameras. This lets you keep clients and employees engaged because you can switch views to keep their attention.

Another piece of technology that you should invest in is a conference room booking system. This ensures that employees don’t drop in and interfere in the middle of a critical client presentation.


You never know when you’re going to have to adapt and change the conference room configuration. You want the room to be flexible enough to change it around on an as-needed basis.

For instance, if you plan to give a training or workshop, a circular configuration is better than one long conference table.

Modular conference tables help you change the room as you need. All of the furniture and systems should be flexible enough to change.

Conference Room Design Tips

How can you create a top-notch conference room design? Consider how you plan to use the space, invest in quality audio equipment, and spend money on flexible furniture.

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