The marketing experts at Amazon have spoken: using a combination of marketing tools (ie mixed media) is the best way to reach your audience. It gives you a better opportunity to see what works and what doesn’t without blowing your marketing budget on one method.

Nowadays, we hear a lot about digital and print marketing. We hear a lot about the business benefits of starting social media channels or the importance of sending out fliers. Are digital and print marketing the only options?

No! T-shirt printing is a great example of a more tactile, rewarding form of marketing that customers love. If you’re not using t-shirt printing in your business marketing yet, you’re going to start after reading this.

Read on to find out why you should dive into t-shirt printing for your next advertising campaign.

T-Shirt Printing Doesn’t Drain Your Budget

Adopting a new marketing technique may sound daunting from a budget perspective. A lot of common marketing techniques require expertise. If no one within the company possesses that know-how, you may have to dish out a lot of dough for third-party help.

T-shirt printing doesn’t operate this way. All you have to do is provide your design–like your company logo or an event-specific graphic. Even the best shirt printing company is affordable, offering discounted rates for bulk printing, shipping, and more.

At the end of the day, this is one advertising technique that won’t put a huge dent in your budget.

T-Shirts Make Great Giveaways

A lot of advertising techniques push a specific product or passively suggest that consumers buy products. Giveaways are one of those marketing techniques that go beyond passive suggestion. They can work, instead, as an incentive.

Let’s face it: people love free stuff! Sure, everyone loves a discount or a rewards membership. Yet, what they love most is the instant gratification of a free-of-charge gift.

Use free promotional t-shirts to get people to come to your event. Use them to get people in the door of your business. Give them away in exchange for contact information to boost your email list.

No matter when or how you want to give away promotional t-shirts, you’re going to find many happy takers!

T-Shirts Can Also Boost Sales Numbers

Do you already have tons of loyal customers? If so, you don’t need to give all of your t-shirts away for free.

Use a great design, comfortable fabrics, and appealing colors to put together a line of branded t-shirts. Then, put them up for sale on your website or in stores. You’ll find that most customers consider $10-$25 a perfectly reasonable price for a quality t-shirt.

Your loyal customers love to give you their support. They also love to show off their affiliation with you. T-shirts are one of those perfect last-minute buys that people love to throw in their shopping cart and you’ll find that they quickly boost your sales numbers.

Branded T-Shirts Boost Brand Awareness and Loyalty

Whether you’re a brand new business or an established business looking for growth, there are two key components to focus on. The first is brand awareness. The second is brand loyalty.

Brand awareness is straightforward. You want people to see your branded materials (like your logo) often and start to recognize who you are and what you sell. When your branding or company name is familiar, they’re much more likely to turn to you when they need your products or services.

Brand loyalty is the next big step. This is the point where you go from known to being trusted and appreciated. To get to this step, you need to provide a good experience and let your business’s personality shine.

T-shirt printing can help! When people are walking around wearing your logo, you’re going to increase brand awareness with ease. When people actually own and wear your t-shirts, you’re building that sense of connection that consumers crave.

T-Shirts Operate as Walking Advertisements

Let’s talk a little bit more about people walking around wearing your logo. That’s a pretty big deal!

Small businesses benefit largely from localized marketing techniques. Things like local SEO and advertising in local periodicals are a must.

Another great way to maximize your local marketing is to get your branded t-shirts out there. To this day, people still prefer personal endorsements of a business over anything else. If new members of your community see others wearing your t-shirt, they’re going to take note of the fact that you are well-supported in the community!

In a way, giving out branded t-shirts is sort of like turning community members into micro-influencers. They can get the word out and time and time again with no additional cost to you.

People Flat-Out Enjoy T-Shirts

Marketing is all about keeping up with the trends. What kinds of content are people connecting with? What types of promotions are people looking for?

T-shirts are the type of thing that never stops “trending.” Graphic t-shirts have always been a prominent part of fashion in modern history and they’re not going anywhere. When you give out (or sell) branded t-shirts, you give people something they will actually use and enjoy over the years.

Mix Up Your Business Advertising With Printed T-Shirts

Marketing experts have weighed in and they’re here to tell you not to blow your whole budget on one form of marketing. We’re here to tell you that t-shirt printing is a great, low-cost form of business advertising that produces big results. Don’t sleep on this great opportunity to spread awareness about your business!

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