So you ship products to your customers. Do you place them in unique custom rigid boxes? If you are nodding your head in disagreement, then you are probably missing out on a massive opportunity to register more sales and record more revenue by driving both new and existing customers to your online platform.

Here we will confer how you can use great wholesale rigid boxes for marketing your brand and product. Many businesses are doing it right, and you, too, can follow in their footsteps and embrace these boxes to earn more proceeds. But if you have no clue, then here’s how you can begin your journey:  

Why Unique Custom Rigid Boxes are Great for Marketing?

You may have found yourself standing in a UPS facility, waiting to affirm if some last-minute online purchases had made it on time for the Christmas holiday. And there you might have come across three brand names over and over again: Amazon, Chegg, and Zappos.

Wondering why we are discussing these brands? Because the UPS facility was crammed with their packaging boxes. Of course, there were other brands as well, but the unique branding on their packaging stood out. Take Chegg, for example. The bright orange shade in the packaging catches your eye right away when placed next to white or traditional brown boxes.   

Of course, it is highly likely that your average target customers won’t find themselves standing in a UPS facility. However, there are numerous opportunities for people to see your exquisite custom rigid boxes. For example, sitting at the doorstep of someone’s dorm room, apartment, or house. Or sitting on someone’s office desk, kitchen table, and coffee table.

There’s a good chance that it may appear on someone’s Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram feed together with a positive review.

These are just a few of many opportunities for ideal customers to see your brand’s bespoke rigid boxes. You can discover several other options to put your product packaging in front of the right audience. The fact is that your custom rigid boxes can serve as an excellent marketing tool because it projects your brand and product in the best light in any retail environment.  

How to Source Wholesale Rigid Boxes for Your Products?

The best thing about wholesale rigid boxes is they don’t cost you a fortune. The following ideas aid you customize your rigid boxes within a limited budget and time frame.

Reliable Rigid Box Manufacturer in the US

If you search the internet for rigid box manufacturers in the USA or run similar queries, you will come to realize that countless companies print custom packaging boxes to ship their products. And it isn’t as pricey as you might think. If you want your product to stick out among hundreds of other similar items, adding a personalized touch to it and find a dependable packaging partner that can transform your vision into reality.

Custom Stickers

If you aren’t keen to go with custom rigid boxes just yet, try using custom stickers to add some flare to your packages. All you need is a design that boasts your URL and other necessary information before you paste it onto your packaging. A cool design sticker on the outside and inside the packages can efficiently spread the positive word about your business.

Custom Stamp

Don’t have the budget to develop custom packages or stickers? Try using custom stamps. Just get a big stamp with your logo and weblink on it, then stamp it on every box that’s ready for shipping. The inexpensive solution will allow startups and SMEs to possess a valuable creation without exceeding their budget.