Tips for Holiday Gifts for Employees at Home and in Office

For employers, the holiday season is less about celebration and more about stressing over what to give to their employees. This year is increasing the anxiety since canceled sales and supply chain issues have raised concerns over limited gifts order and delivery. 

With lockdowns and restrictions, nonessential stores saw a record number of canceled deals. Employers now have a good number of reasons to stress even more on what type of gifts will best suit remote working and in-office employees, and what their meager shipment can accommodate. 

In this blog, we are going to discuss some amazing yet overlooked gift ideas that can save employers from trouble. Read more to know which gifts we are talking about. 

The Essentials

Gifts can be anything. It can be a grand TV set or a simple key chain holder. Except, when an employer gift their employees the holiday present, it has to be beneficial in all the right ways. Many employers overlook the importance of gifting employees the essentials that can help them with effective work. And no we are not talking about gifting employees laptops. Instead, for the staff working from home or those following the hybrid work mode to have access to high-speed internet service, stable phone service, and cable service have become vital. 

After spending more than 2 years during work from home amid the pandemic, employees have developed a need for stable internet, phone and cable service. While some employers expect their workers to invest in such home necessities on their own, others do not bother discussing this matter at all. 

If you want to be an employer appreciated by employees, especially in such trying times, then facilitating your employees with an internet, phone, and cable service package is the right choice. You can connect your employees to Windstream service that offers Windstream Packages for homes all across the United States. Windstream Packages include download speeds ranging from 400 Mbps to 1000 Mbps. The phone service includes unlimited local and long-distance calling and a lot more. 

Gift a Plant

Another unique yet often overlooked gift is house plants. 

It has been reported that since the coronavirus outbreak in early Spring people have developed a keen interest in having and cultivating plants. People have been ordering living plants for their home office since the pandemic from e-commerce sites. 

Presenting a plant to an employee enhances the landscape of the home office or your own office, while also making the gifts a source of enjoyment. 

If you have started considering gifting a plant to your employees, then following are some tips to navigate before doing so. 

Best Choice in Plants

When shopping for plants at a nursery, you should try spending between $5 to $25 per item. Except, if the majority of your staff is working from home and you have to ship the gifts to them, then you need to be a little cost-effective in your purchasing. You can buy bare root plants as they are fewer in pence and this purchase can accommodate you with the standard shipping prices. 

Perennial flowers, moss grab bags, and fern collection are some plants to consider gifting your employees during holidays. 

Other plants associated with the holiday season are small plants that are containerized and can be left in a home office for a long time. However, a home office should have adequate sunlight coming in to keep the office plants alive. 

Contributing to Natural Environment

With each year passing, more companies are eager to associate themselves with the sustainability revolution. Gifting plants can help your company in being among the list of businesses that are going green for the good of the community.