If you have already made the hardest decision to shave your head for some reason, then this article is a must-read for you! Shaving your head has many benefits, and it is definitely easier to maintain. However, you also need to take care of it very carefully. Normally, the scalp exhibits different weather conditions. On winter and sunny days, your scalp may dry out and fall off due to the air’s lack of moisture and the sun’s active exposure. On the other hand, the scalp becomes shiny and greasy at high temperatures. Therefore, to properly care for baldness, men with shaved heads need to consider the atmospheric conditions and the state of the scalp itself.

In this blog, we will also discuss the best practices for head maintenance based on various weather conditions and the scalp’s personality characteristics and try to answer the most common questions about shaving care.

  • First of all, shaving needs to be moisturized and hydrated, especially in winter, when the air is dehydrated, on a sunny day, and when the scalp is actively exposed to UVA/UVB rays. Using a bald moisturizer will keep it moist, smooth, and clean and prevent any skin irritation. Based on product reviews, you can check out Brickell’s moisturizers, and they are outstanding.
  • Buy a beautiful hat for your shaved head and wear a good pair of glasses. Be sure to wear it before going out to avoid harmful UVA/UVB rays. Although hats or caps may cause much sweat on the scalp, it can play a supplementary protective role to block harmful sunlight and prevent various skin problems.
  • On winter and sunny days, your skin needs an additional water source, one of which is a wet shave. Wet shaving not only moisturizes the scalp but also prevents skin irritation, dryness and shaving. You can use shaving cream, gel, foam or soap for a wet shave. However, more importantly, the shaver also needs to be waterproof.
  • In order to get a healthy and fresh appearance, you must start by choosing an adaptable shaver. It has been proven repeatedly that electric shaver for men better than razors: most shavers are waterproof, can be used both wet and dry, and will not cause skin irritation, and are safe to use. Our Skull Shaver shavers and face shavers like skull shaver pitbull gold are vivid examples: these shavers are 100% waterproof, you can try wet and dry shavers, and enjoy 90 minutes of wireless use with the powerful integrated battery time. You can find more information about each model here.
  • Even if you keep shaving your head, your scalp, and that small hair still need attention! Oil and dirt can accumulate perfectly on the scalp and give a greasy appearance to the shaved head. For this, we recommend that you use a good refreshing shampoo and use a moisturizing conditioner to modify your sleek appearance. Brickell Intensive Shampoo is a good choice for dry and itchy scalp. Remember that soap and shower gel has a drying effect, so please stay away from them as much as possible.
  • Dead skin cells can darken your head and clog pores. Exfoliating the scalp of a shaved head will affect the head’s appearance; remove dead skin cells, oil and dirt, and make the skin very firm and smooth.
  • The heat from the shower can dry out the skin. Therefore, replace the hot shower with warm water after each shower, or shave the scalp thoroughly with moisturizer after each shower to shave your head.
  • Many skin care products contain alcohol. As we all know, alcohol can cause extra dryness. Therefore, we recommend that you prefer non-alcoholic products.