Giving flowers to a person is more than just a custom in our culture. They are an indispensable part of our gift-giving gestures. If you are confused, or you find yourself in a dilemma of what to gift to your loved ones on birthdays and anniversaries, then flowers always come to your rescue.

You can present a beautiful bunch of roses to propose to your loved ones. You can always find those fragrant blue orchids to delight your cheerful daughter. Here are a few tips that will help you grab the best flower bouquet for your near and dear ones. The flowers you pick should convey the right message to the one you care for. 

So here are a few tips that would help you pick the right flowers for the right person and present them on the right occasion. So be the Mr right with the perfect gift of happiness for your family and friends.

  1. Colour flowers you pick

The colour of flowers matters the most, how about the yellow for friendship and red roses for the deep romantic desires? Certain colours are associated with certain human emotions. 

If you want to express gratitude towards your elders, you always have blue irises and yellow sunflowers. If it’s a wedding anniversary, then you can not find a better gift than a bunch of lilies, daisies and freesia flowers that come with their pack of magnificence. Certain flowers help you say a heartfelt sorry. 

If it is your first or the 50th date with your loved ones, a bunch of fresh roses can add romance and delight to the perfect evening.

  1. Number of flowers you incorporate in the bouquet

The number of flowers you put in a flower bouquet matters the most. Every culture has customs. Different countries consider even numbers of flowers only for funerals and for honouring the dead. You must grab the odd number of flowers to present them as gifts for happy occasions.

Ensure that you do not pick the odd number of 13, as it is also considered bad luck. Even number of flowers is considered to be a symbol of breakup when presented to your partner. So make sure that you do not make these mistakes and put out only an odd number of flowers to express the right emotions to the people you care for.

  1. Customs in different countries

Different countries have different positions and so do their relevance to flowers. Certain cultures associate certain flowers only with funerals. For example, the Christian and white flowers are considered only for the same roles in the American culture. You will find yourself in confusion when it comes to picking out online flowers for friends.

  1. Receiver’s personality

Before you go for a certain flower to be incorporated in the lavish bouquet of flowers, you must analyse the receiver’s personality. If your wife is receiving the bouquet, you must incorporate the red roses and the lilies. 

You can always go for the daisies to delight your mother. The receiver’s personality would give you an idea of what flowers they would like the most for the cheerful nature. Two carnations and orchids do wonders for the one that throws tantrums all day long. We can go for the tulips and sunflowers.

  1. Occasion for gifting

The occasion on which you will present this bouquet of flowers holds significance when choosing flowers. If it’s the wedding anniversary or birthday, get the delightful peonies, hydrangeas, roses and orchids. On occasions like success parties or family get together, you can go for lilies and poppy flowers. 

This would bring out the joy and delight that is perfect for such occasions. Pink roses would do good for your parent’s anniversary, and some tulips or dahlias can help you say congratulations to your friends on their success.

No matter what, the alluring and glamorous flowers would definitely help you convey the right message and put across your feelings. You can always grab a lavish bouquet of flowers and order them online from the flower delivery in Bangalore to get the perfect smile on your loved one’s face