Are you a party animal who is out of styling and dress options for your next party? Then we have the best option for you to try out. Lederhosen men might seem like a very formal and festival outfit, but if you are going to attend or host a costume party, this is the perfect choice. 

With the perfect manly features and beautiful color combinations, this can prove to be an amazing option for your next party. Read this blog to gain more information about the lederhosen and how you can pair it up with different clothing items for an exceptional and eye-catching party look. Let’s dig right in. 

Shirt Styles To Try With The Lederhosen Men

When picking the shirts to combine with your lederhosen, you can come across countless options and it can be confusing to select one for yourself. We have narrowed down the best options so you can easily choose what’s best for you. 

Oxford Shirts

The Oxford shirt, a menswear staple that shares its name with the Oxford fabric from which it is made, has formed the foundation of many fashionable dresses for more than a hundred and twenty years.

Compared to most of the shirt fabrics, the fabric is relatively thick, attributing a flamboyant look to it. Common design elements that also make this top simple to maintain are a button-down collar and a hanging loop on the rear side of the yoke.

The Oxford button-down shirt is the quintessential, basic style of shirt for men. It is one of the most adaptable items for the lederhosen men‘s costumes since it functions as a classic core component for a variety of dress standards.

Overshirts With A German Lederhosen Outfit

The difficult transitional phase between the two climatic extremes, that is summer and winter, is infamous for making it difficult to put on a good outer layer in autumn.

But fortunately, we have overshirts. The overshirt’s adaptability is what makes it so beautiful. When the temperature is warmer, it makes a fantastic light jacket. On cooler days, you may also layer up, which is ideal for Oktoberfest, a festival that takes place in the fall. It is possible to dress up or down the overshirt. Darker overshirts can be worn to more formal situations or even festivals, whereas lighter colors are usually more casual and can be paired effortlessly with the German lederhosen outfit. 

Flannel Shirts

The fall season’s essential shirt is the flannel one. The fabric, which is tightly woven wool or cotton, perfectly polished for softness, is the main cause for its usage in the fall festive season. It is equally cozy and toasty. 

There are also a tonne of patterns—typically large plaids and buffalo checks—as well as a frequently boxy shape that flatters practically everyone. There are also solutions that are more specialized. 

Once the weather starts to cool off, it’s impossible to avoid the profusion of flannel at local beer festivals in Germany, which is commonly worn with the lederhosen outfit

Chambray Shirt

When compared to the twill weave used for making denim, chambray uses a plain weave, which produces a lighter fabric. Because of this, chambray shirts are a perfect alternative if you enjoy the way denim looks but find it a bit extravagant for your style. 

This kind of shirt is practically a mainstay in terms of fashion because it goes well with almost everything.

The chambray men’s shirt couldn’t be more simple to style due to its adaptability. Making sure it doesn’t match your German lederhosen costume too closely is one of the key factors so that the lederhosen’s prominence is not dominated by the shirt.

Chic Shoes With The Lederhosen Men

Finding a pair of shoes that exactly fits your style, needs, price range, and Oktoberfest emotions might be difficult with the various kinds and varieties available. 

Nothing to worry about, though. Because we have prepared a list of the coolest shoe options for you here. 

Chunky Shoes

The design of chunky leather bottoms is not new. They have been employed in practical, outdoor-inspired forms for ages due to their long durability and gripping properties, which keep the user strong-footed regardless of the weather.

For this Oktoberfest season, you can choose between Tecno hiking shoes and military boots with commando soles.

Manufacturers have been adding them to Derby shoes for a long time, creating designs that still have a hint of refinement while also being an improvement over their thin, leather-soled forebears.

However, hefty soled footwear is a major style this year and can be found on anything from penny loafers to desert boots.

Similar to Derbies, a thicker sole offers these classic styles a much more contemporary appearance that is ideal for the fall season this year. If you want to make a statement, match your German lederhosen costume with a pair of commando-soled penny loafers.

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