Since technology has been developing a lot nowadays with the real estate industry, agents and brokers may be confused when choosing what to include in their marketing plan. 

In today’s competitive real estate market, lead generation can be difficult. It is important to take a step back now and then and consider the big picture which is the key strategy that keeps the game plan together. 

Here are the top 4 lead generation techniques for a rapidly changing real estate market to help you keep the buyers coming in: 

  • Using customer’s positive feedback to increase traffic and awareness. 
  • Segmenting your leads to gain insight into your database 
  • Developing an effective video marketing strategy 
  • Establish a local presence via community service 

Lead Generation for Real Estate

Let’s define a lead generation in the context of real estate before we go any further into the 10 strategies.  

The process of attracting and converting prospective buyers into leads who are interested in your company’s product or service is known as lead generation. Creating leads in real estate presents its own set of challenges, such as determining the best software and sites to use and implementing various customer experience strategies.

The same marketing rules that apply to other industries are applied to real estate. A Lead generation agency in Dubai is a key element of a real estate marketing strategy.

Using Customer’s Positive Feedback to Increase Traffic and Awareness

Allowing your results to speak for themselves is an excellent way to establish your reputation, customer reviews, and testimonials.

Establish a review page on your website, share testimonials on major real estate platforms, and create videos with customer feedback to explore both internal and external options. Some of the best external sites for doing so are:

  • Trulia 
  • Zillow

A referral program can also be set up for existing clients to become representatives in your prospect network. By spreading the word about their positive experiences, you can effectively use your customers’ positive experiences to serve a major PR role!

As modern marketing has become digital, social media image has become an essential component of any marketer’s strategy.

Some of the most worthwhile platforms to invest in are:

  • LinkedIn 
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Facebook 

LinkedIn is considered as the professional platform as for Instagram and Twitter, they can generate lots of traffic and awareness. Certain Instagram strategies, that are combined with beautiful visuals and short, simple posts, will keep you relevant and accessible in any potential client’s daily life. 

Facebook Ads are another low-cost lead generation method, with the Custom Audiences feature allowing you to target existing leads in your database. In terms of Facebook, creating a local group around your company can allow clients to share their experiences and give new leads an idea of what to expect as homebuyers.

Segmenting your leads to gain insight into your database:

While the majority of people who receive your newsletters and other promotional emails are already existing leads in your system, categorizing them will provide insight into your database as well as aid in lead generation. Lead segmentation comes into play here. Among the criteria you can use to segment your leads are:

  • How “cold” or “hot” they are (it all depends on how much people interact with your site, content, and social media…) 
  • Demographics by buyer persona 
  • Specific behaviors such as signing up for your mailing list or downloading a specific e-guide

With this information, you can customize all aspects of your outreach for your segments, including emails, educational materials, and the nature and frequency of contact with your clients. 

While hot leads may require a more personalized nudge to get them started, cold leads may benefit from an email drip. By focusing on those who are most likely to buy through segmentation, you will reap greater benefits while saving energy or time.

Developing an effective video marketing strategy

Did you know that 73% of homeowners prefer to list with a real estate agent who offers to create a video for them? 

Only 4% of agents post their listings on YouTube. According to MarketingSherpa, videos attract two to three times the number of visitors to an agent’s website and more than double the amount of time they spend there.

There are several ways to incorporate video into a marketing strategy: 

Doing interviews with clients

  1. Live Q&A sessions
  2. General information and how-to videos 
  3. Agent’s profiles 
  4. Annuals reviews

Listing videos are the most important kind of video. You must keep in mind that you do not always need professional equipment. A basic editing software and a cell phone camera, combined with still photography and high-quality voice-over narration will be more than enough to create an informative experience that will focus on the prospects’ interest. 

Getting to know the neighborhoods in which they work and sell, as well as establishing a local presence, can be extremely beneficial to an agent.

Establish a local presence via community service

As mentioned earlier, staying up to date on community events is an excellent way to draw attention to a seller’s website and social media pages. However, this isn’t always enough, so getting more involved in your community is a great way to establish yourself as a local presence while building a positive reputation around your name.

These strategies will rapidly change real estate market to help you keep the buyers coming in. You can contact PRISM Digital, the best lead generation company in Dubai, on 04 596 4040 to guide you.