Yin yoga – for some, maybe just another fashion fad from the field of the yoga world, for others, an ideal way to stop and relax at least for a while in today’s hectic times. Yin yoga can help us balance an active lifestyle and bring more harmony, peace, and balance into it.

This gentle, meditative style of yoga leads us deeper into ourselves – to our center. From the physical point of view, when we remain in positions for a long time entirely passively and without strength, we act mainly on those parts of the body that are closer to our core – joints, bones, tendons, ligaments. From the intangible, yin yoga leads us deeper into ourselves through the unprocessed layers of old emotions into our own interior and deepens our meditation practice.

What else can yin yoga bring us?

Flexibility, healthier and more flexible joints

As the years go by, the flexibility of our joints naturally decreases, and it is yin yoga that can help slow down this process. Those parts of the body that we do not use and keep in complete calm, our body evaluates as unnecessary and stops nourishing them. These places then gradually begin to degenerate. By always stretching the joints in yin positions, we support the inflow of nutrition and energy into them.

Inner peace

It can be not easy for yoga beginners to sit cross-legged for several minutes with your back straight and immerse themselves in deep meditation. Rather than inner peace come unpleasant feelings like pain and tension in the lower back, and then it isn’t easy to keep the mind calm. In yin yoga, we use aids to create the greatest possible comfort for the body and to be able to relax as much as possible in the position – surrender. By relaxing the body, the breath and mind are also released.

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Healthier organs and the establishment of harmony in the body

According to traditional Chinese medicine, there are energy pathways in the body, so-called meridians, through which life energy flows. When this energy network is disrupted or blocked, energy cannot flow freely, and disharmony arises, which can manifest itself in the physical body as weakness, pain, or illness. With long passive endurance, we act on these pathways, which are released and purified, so energy can begin to flow freely and freely again, the health of the organs improves, and the whole organism returns to balance.

Release of accumulated emotions

With the prolonged taking of certain positions, various emotions may emerge, whether they are positive or negative. Yin yoga teaches us to accept them as they are, without judgment or evaluation, and to release them from the body by conscious breathing. If we learn to deal with unpleasant emotions in a yoga class in this way, it will be much easier for us to cope with more complicated situations, even in everyday life help to improve our love life or use Fildena 100 or Fildena 150 for it.

Grounding, perception of one’s own body

During everyday life, our attention usually turns in the head. We are continually thinking about how to solve, plan, manage, and the energy does not get into the rest of the body. We are unfocused, exhausted and life is running out of our eyes. Yin yoga can slow us down or stop us entirely and recharge our batteries for the next few days.

Each body is unique, and you will not find two identical in the world. And so, the great challenge of yin yoga is to know your body, its limits and learn to accept and respect them. We all have different positions and sizes of joints, so it is necessary to realize that it is possible that we simply will not get into some places even if we have tried for it all our lives, even though the neighbor on the side mat can handle it quite playfully.

The reason may be our specific set of the joints and the entire musculoskeletal system. Perceiving one’s own body and directing attention inward can be the right grounding and anchoring for oneself for someone. It can be a way to get into the present moment and be HERE and NOW.

Yin yoga does not compete with other yoga or other sports activities but, on the contrary, forms their perfect complement. We can experience different periods during our lives. Yin yoga is suitable when exercise and stress predominate in our lives try vigora 100 to improve your potency, and we tend to have everything under control. On the contrary, if we experience a quiet period or mild, it is better to reach for a more dynamic yoga style.