Everyone is familiar with the word ‘CCTV’ in recent times. It is the latest technological invention that is being used in home and commercial buildings to maintain security. One area where this invention has emerged out to be of great help is in drainage and sewer pipelines. With the help of advanced camera technology and latest software, you can easily locate the clogged areas of your underground sewage lines.

Over the years, pipelines do get blocked because of many reasons. As they are concealed deep under the ground, so it becomes difficult to reach them and find the fault. Therefore, Cctv inspections for Underground Drainage Pipes is really a good solution nowadays to manage drainage. It is considered as an intelligent way of detecting problems in pipelines and sewers installed at the underneath level. The examination from CCTV cameras helps to identify the issues before they turn more complicated and lead to costly repairs. Tree roots can penetrate into your underground drainage system and the can leak your pipes. You can conduct a CCTV inspection by experts to location such problems and they can reline your drainage lines to save your cost.

Reasons to go for CCTV inspection:

There are many benefits of using this technology for inspection of drains and sewers. Below mentioned are few of those benefits.

  • Accurate Results – The advanced cameras installed in CCTV pipe inspection gives you 360 degree view of the interiors of drains and sewers. This allows you to detect the problem faster and you do not need to dig your ground on the basis of guesswork. With the help of precise identification of faults you can decide the further steps of damage repair.
  • Non-destructive and Environment friendly – CCTV inspection is a very moderate and non-invasive method of inspection causing no harm or damage to the concerned pipe. Many other methods cause more stress on the already damaged pipe leading to further problems. Also, this process requires very limited excavation, which is again a very good thing from environment point of view.
  • Cost-Effective Method – If you think of entering the pipelines physically, you will need a fair amount of team and equipment. It will take a longer time and it is quite possible that you might need to break certain parts and then rebuild them again after task completion. All these things can be quite costly. However, the process of CCTV inspection with the help of 360-degree cameras is hassle-free, and these cameras can be deployed quickly. You just need one traffic control operator and two technicians to complete the whole process.
  • Flexible and Versatile – CCTV inspection is very versatile and flexible process. It lets you inspect both small and large diameter pipes that are found in both residential areas and commercial sites. The cameras used in inspection provide view from 360 degree, and can also be tilted at 90 degrees. This helps in getting a clear and complete view of your underground sewage system.
  • Safe Method – When it comes to pipeline inspection, safety is a big concern. It could be dangerous to enter these pipelines as they have very confined spaces. There are also chances of getting attacked by poisonous snakes or insects inside these pipelines. Therefore, CCTV inspection is the best alternative as it uses robotic inspection crawlers to detect the condition of drains and sewers. Hence, technicians don’t need to enter these lines physically to diagnose the problem.

These were some of the most essential benefits of using CCTV inspection for your pipelines. This method of inspection is cost-effective, environment friendly and it can save you from a lot of future troubles and expenditures. In case you have not yet considered CCTV inspection, don’t delay further and get it done for your pipelines. CCTV Drain Surveys London