Are you having a hard time tracking the movement of goods for your company? You’re always making phone calls to shipping companies to get insights on how far the goods have reached. What if we told you there’s a system that can give you visibility during freight shipping and delivery of goods?

By 2020, the transportation management system market valuation was at $99.4 billion. TMS is a transport and logistics platform that leverages technology to enhance efficiency in the movement of goods. It digitizes all aspects of shipping to make it more flexible and convenient.

Read along to understand the benefits your business can derive from using TMS.

Reduced Freight Costs

One of the most significant benefits of using TMS is a reduction in freight costs due to optimization. The system analyses the best route to use during transportation in an effort to minimize fuel consumption. It uses real-time data to merge goods plying the same route instead of using several vehicles.

The system shows the load carried by each truck to ensure maximum utilization of resources. It facilitates the consolidation of goods from other warehouses to share drayage costs. For more information check this out.

Effective Inventory Management

The most common nightmare experienced in inventory management is late delivery of goods. TMS bridges the gap by enhancing efficiency in the supply chain. It enables inventory managers to have an accurate plan for reordering goods.

The integration of all key players in the supply chain ensures the continuous flow of goods.

Minimal Paperwork

Freight shipping entails a lot of paperwork, such as invoices and bill of landing. Keeping track of all the documents and maintaining them over an extended period is a job on its own.

TMS digitizes all the paperwork involved in freight transportation. More so, the documents are made available to the other parties involved. Since the billing and invoices are automatically generated, it gives room for no mistakes.

Improved Communications

Communication between you and your shipping company is vital when tracking your goods. TMS enables the decentralization of information by integrating warehouses and shipping companies. It gives you the visibility of monitoring the progress made during the whole shipping and delivery process.

More so, the system provides real-time visibility where you can track any complications. As a business, you can respond to difficulties in the supply chain beforehand.

Customer Satisfaction

If you run an e-commerce business, customers are more intrigued by how cheap and fast you make the deliveries. TMS helps in merging different orders to be delivered in the same location through load management and optimization. In return, the transportation costs are significantly reduced.

Enhance Your Business’ Efficiency by Leveraging Transportation Management System

Managing transport and logistics can mentally drain you due to its complexity. However, transportation management doesn’t have to be a daunting task when you leverage TMS. TMS helps in merging different orders to be delivered in the same location through load management and optimization.The above benefits make it a no-brainer why you should start using TMS.

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