What is the first thing that pops in your head when you think of something sexy and classic simultaneously? Well, out of all the things that just popped up, including yourself, we are talking about suspender belts UK

For many, it might be their favorite hosiery pieces they ever owned, but for others, it might be a series of questions. For example, how to choose the right size, do I need it outside the bedroom, and wear it every day. 

Well, we do not blame you. The garter and suspender belts are indeed a piece of art designed for comfort and luxury. So let’s answer some of the questions related to stockings!

How do suspender belts work with stockings?

Stockings are not pantyhose. They do not continue going up to the thighs and the waist, so they need suspender belts to help them to hold up the stockings. The six strap suspender belts are made in silk, soft mesh, or lace and fastened into the stockings to hold them in place. 

How do you choose the right size for yourself?

Identify your natural waist measurement from the easy guide on how to measure yourself. The size chart helps you identify the right size of pantyhose that goes over your waist. 

How do you put on the garter belts?

Place the belt around the waist and close the hook behind. Nylons are delicate materials, so gently place your toes in and get them rolling up your leg.

You can easily snag your stockings, so avoid pulling them with sharp nails or accessories. The high-quality suspender belts are designed to make you feel confident and comfortable at the same time.

Should I prefer wearing garter belts over or under my knickers?

Well, some people love the feel of garter belts on their skin. Some people prefer wearing the garter belts over the kickers and like the effect of wearing the straps on. 

Some people prefer wearing suspenders under their knickers. You don’t need to unclasp the hook throughout the day, making it easier for you to undress. 

Can I go to the bathroom wearing the suspender belt?

You can easily unhook the suspender belts and easily re-hook after you’re done with the business. 

Aren’t suspenders just for those luxurious bedroom times?

Even though they are usually paired with a sexy lingerie set, it’s not always the way to wear them. Yes, indeed, they can make you look the most confident and alluring at the moment, but garters can be worn any time of day, irrespective of any special occasion. 

You can always wear stockings and suspender belts under your clingy short dress. It will help you avoid the tan and lessen the frequency of shaving now and then.

And if you think suspender belts are for a particular size, you are highly mistaken. Plus-sized, 6 strap suspender belts are the highest selling and the most loved garment among women, and as they say, and as they say, Real women come in all sizes; size G is for the gorgeous they are!