There is a reason why people who own deluxe passenger vehicles, some of the most expensive models available, opt for Lexani Wheels if they are not quite satisfied with the OEMs. That reason is the availability of customization options.

Customized aftermarket rims are very expensive propositions and not too many people care much for them. It is a smallish sub-niche with Savini Wheels being another top name. But make no mistake: as the number of passenger car sales increases now that the pandemic has been contained, the demand for one-off wheels- that have no duplicates – is gradually going north as well.

This is true even for those who buy Tesla’s EVs. Regardless of whether you are a fan of the Model Y, the Model S or the Roadster, you might not like the factory-fitted Tesla Wheels. After all, choice is intensely subjective. Even though most Tesla fans say they adore their OEM rims, it does not mean you will too. 

Most discerning customers like yourself order a set of Lexani Wheels to replace the originals, records indicate. Lexani was founded in 1996 and had started manufacturing extremely advanced aluminum alloy rims for luxury vehicles from the start. That tradition continues; the company’s manufacturing unit in California is where these forged masterpieces are made. 

Like all major brands, Lexani refreshes its range each year to stay relevant in a super-saturated market. The introduction of fresh models is also necessary to attract more clients.

These are pretty expensive rims, mind you. And the US market has recently witnessed a massive influx of fake Lexani models which look almost the same and come for much lower prices. Only professionals can tell them apart

We have always been fans of one particular retail outlet in California- AudioCity USA. This 33-year-old company has recently moved to a standalone 2-storied showroom that’s spanking new. The new place on Telegraph Road near Santa Fe Springs has enough space for you to have a seat and go through every aspect of the set of rims you plan to buy – whether they are from Fuel or Enkei or XD or American Racing.

We are not the spokespersons of AudioCity USA, however! No, we blog on wheels and other automotive stuff and have received great advice on multiple issues from the professionals who man the outlet, including on customizing wheels and their business viability. 

We can merely recommend that you have a look at what these guys have on offer if you are in the mood to outfit your Mercedes GT63 (or Cadillac, Rolls Royce, Corvette C8, Ferrari- take your pick) with a set of custom-made Lexani Wheels!

Besides, this outlet also offers free shipping on these and Savini Wheels across the 50 States, a ‘lowest price guarantee’ and several financing options which are designed to suit every budget.

But enough about the retailer! Here’s some ideas for you to ramp up the oomph quotient with iconic designs from Lexani.

The top 3 Lexani ranges you can opt for

Parsing out just 3 ranges, which in turn will contain some stunning models, is a rather tough job.

Still, regardless of whether you are driving a Nissan EV or are on the look-out for quality Tesla Wheels replacements, the following 3 families will surely have something for you.

  1. The Wraith Series: These are among the best wheels manufactured anywhere in the world. Originally designed for stretch limos and Rolls-Royces, the Wraith family has expanded significantly. There are models of various sizes, including some that are staggered. 

If you have the financial heft to purchase any of the models of these 22-spoked family, you can rest assured that you have at your disposal some of the best aftermarket wonders both in terms of engineering and style.

The Wraith series’ members are all cast one-piece aluminum alloy rims, making them lightweight and surprisingly durable.

  1. The Forged M Series: Known more fully as Monoblock forged rims from Lexani Wheels (which explains the ‘M’ in the name!), this is a relatively new family. Always a first-mover, Lexani has used 6065-T9 aluminum instead of the industry-standard 6061-T6. This gives it an edge over most other major manufacturers and helps maintain durability and robustness even under the most demanding situations.

Lexani uses state-of-the-art CNC machining to ensure its exacting standards are maintained. Interestingly, the company has also launched a few smaller models to appeal to clients who own daily-use suburban vehicles. 

This strategy has also been adopted by Savini Wheels, perhaps its closest rival.

This range has some of the most dazzlingly attractive models that come armed with hundreds of different types of finishing. From standard black, white and bronze to touches of bold red, blue and yellow, you can opt for these forged wonders if you often go off-roading!

  1. The R-Four Chrome Series: All of the models are finished in chrome and polished till they shine like stars. Note that this is one of the families of Lexani rims that have increased concavity. Most models only have 4 inverted spokes that automatically draws your attention to the central hub which is finely machined. 

To preserve the gleam of the chrome exterior, multiple layers are added. Easy to clean and maintain, these lightweight heavy-hitters come with a lifetime structural warranty to boot.

If chrome is what you prefer because of its timeless appeal, go for the Lexani Wheels R-Four series!

And if you are in a dilemma vis-a-vis the correct size (and look) for your vehicle, perhaps having a word with the staff at AudioCity USA will be of some assistance!