Everybody wants to look attractive and fashionable on their special day. Not only college students are excited for their first day of college, school students are also excited. After the pandemic schools are reopening and students are just waiting for the day when they will come to school and meet with their friends. All the students want to look perfect on the first day of school. First day of school is an unforgettable day for everyone so we all want to look attractive on that day.

Everybody starts preparing for that day before school starts. If you carelessly change your eating schedule within the lockdown period and getting fat in your body then it’s time to change yourself. Not only eat a fresh and healthy diet, but also do some physical activities. This may help you to look attractive as well as it gives the confidence which you must need for your first day.

Here is a list of some schedule which you can follow before going back to the school

1. Experiment with your hairstyles

Do some experiments with your hair the day before going to school. Try braiding it, curling it or straightening your hair to see which suits on your look. Decide which hairstyle makes you best and must practice with the hairstyle during the whole week so you fixed your hair on the day.

2. Make a good sleeping schedule

 Before school starts you must get a good sleeping routine. If you go to bed late and also late in the morning then you are going too late for school. And it gives a bad impression to others.

3. Set your makeup

You cannot wear a heavy make up for school days. Go for an easy make up which suits on your dress up and save your heavy make up for parties. You just put some lip gloss, kajal and eye liner.

4. Pick your dress

Before picking any dress type, you must think about which color suits you. Choose an outfit that you feel good in and also give you the confidence. And also pick out the outfit in advance that you did not make any kind of mistakes in your dressing choices when you are busy in the morning.

Here is a list of some high school casual outfits which gives you the confidence that you need on your school days.

T-shirt, skirt with sneakers

You can wear a simple casual t-shirt with a flirty skirt and matching sneakers. You can also add your favourite accessories to look more attractive. In 2021 dressy tops are popular more than any other tops and they are also comfortable and casual.

Classy black full sleeves top with pencil skirt

If you want to be classy and stylish then you should wear this outfit. You look more attractive if you add sunglasses and a handbag.

Ripped jeans and short tank top

If you want to look casual and also fashionable then this outfit is the best choice for you. Ripped jeans look great on everyone and it shows off your personality.

Stripe shirt

Plain stripe shirts are now trending. Not only boys wear it, girls also love it. If you wear a striped shirt with beanies and slip on shoe it gives you the perfect look for your day.

Pink sweater with denim skirt

Pink is known as girls color. Every girl loves pink and if you want to look cute then wear this pink sweater with a denim skirt and also wear a simple casual shoe to look more casual and cute.


These ideas may bring your first day of school memorable. You get this type of dress material in any online shopping platform like Myntra, Amazon or Flipkart. And don’t forget to wear a mask which suits your dress up.