Do you own a small clothing business that needs branding on a budget? We have just the thing to set you apart from your competition: custom clothing labels.

In a market where much is copied and looks the same, your clothing label needs to stand out. You worked hard to build your brand. It can show in your label design.

In this guide, we discuss how custom clothing labels will benefit your brand’s identity. It doesn’t require much money.

Keep reading to find out about the benefits of using clothing labels.

Reinforcing Your Brand

The identity of your brand is very important. If you are a small business getting started in the clothing industry, you should be asking the following questions.

  • Who buys this clothing?
  • Who or what do we stand for?
  • What is our ethos?
  • What do we do?

When you can answer those questions about your brand, that means it can stand on its own. People should be able to recognize your brand by its personality. Your custom tag will reflect that too.

A custom clothing label ensures that your brand is known by its wearers. You can show your brand’s personality and identity on the label. High-quality labels tell potential buyers that the rest of your garment is also great.

The best label manufacturer will make sure your label won’t fade in the wash either. This is important, so wearers will always know what brand made their favorite piece of clothing.

Distinguish You From the Competition

Custom clothing labels give your brand its identity. How else are buyers supposed to distinguish your brand from others on the market?

When you use your resources to build up a brand, you want recognition. To show buyers that you are different from your competition, you need a clothes label that promotes your brand identity.

Your custom label doesn’t need to be black and white, unless you like that look. Label makers can design yours with your logo, different fonts, colors, and even the size can be custom.

Believe it or not, you can stand out against the competition with something this simple.

Your Brand Appears Professional

Without a clothes label, your products look generic and amateur. Your brand will likely be forgotten and unadvertised by the wearer. Using custom clothing labels allows your clothes to be easily identifiable.

Labels are often used to communicate important information to the buyer. It might include the materials used in the garment, how to wash it, or where it was made.

For some, this information is necessary before they buy a product. When you include these things on a label, you can gain the buyers’ trust while appearing as a professional brand.

Non-Irritating Placement

Clothing labels can be created and positioned strategically for the comfort of the wearer and ease of advertisement.

For example, some brands use small book folds or hem labels on the end of their sleeves. These labels usually show the logo of the brand, so they create subtle advertisements when worn.

The most common label placement is on the back of the collar inside the shirt. Though we have seen others do this differently. Some brands put their label with care instructions sewn into the side seam at the waist.

The placement of the tag can be irritating to wearers, and it ends up being cut off. If your care instructions are for general washing, it might be fine. Thoroughly consider the feeling of the placement before attaching your tag.

Durable for Wash

Most custom labels are durable for the wash. The four main types of tags are: woven, heat-press, hand tags, and printed labels. All these except hand tags can be put through the wash and last for some time.

Woven and printed labels stand the washing machine the best. They are resistant to fading, and they look professional. Heat press labels look great too, but they are prone to fading over time.

The advantage of heat press labels is they won’t itch or irritate the skin. Woven and printed labels can rub the skin easily. It may cause the buyer to cut off the label or get rid of the garment entirely.

Hand tags are usually used in tandem with one of the other three to show more information. These labels are often taken off before wearing. If you want your brand shown on the garment forever, this is not for you.

They Are Cost-Effective

While custom clothing labels may seem like an extra expense, they are quite cost-effective. They are easy to outsource, and many manufacturers will give you a great deal for buying them in bulk.

All you have to do is figure out the label design. Then the label manufacturer takes care of the rest. They allow you to save time, materials, and money.

Another reason they are cost-effective is that they are free advertising. No matter if the label is inside or outside the garment, if your clothes are quality, people will be talking about them.

Clothing labels allow for a wearer to show off where they got their clothes and who made them. Without the label, the conversation may end with “I forget where I got this”. You’ll have missed an opportunity to bring in more buyers.

Get Custom Clothing Labels

Custom clothing labels are beneficial to your brand’s identity and advertisement. If you own a clothing business, clothes labeling might be the thing that sets you apart from your competition.

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