The modern corporate world runs on the well-oiled shoulders of dedicated business managers and administrators. Effective business management ensures that company goals are achieved within the set time and loose ends within the business don’t pose as live wires.

Business management as a career path has always been popular owing to the diversity of career positions and good pay packages in the industry. However, the popularity of business management career paths has been steadily increasing as more students opt for masters in business management to make their corporate lives successful.

If you are interested in a business career and don’t know a lot about the associated career prospects, this blog can be super helpful. Let’s dive into some of the most exciting career opportunities you can find in the business management space.

Top roles you can get with a business management degree

A business management degree can act as a gateway to a wide range of illustrious and exciting career opportunities within the corporate domain. It can also equip you with a host of soft skills, administrative, financial, and accounting skills to help run a business successfully.

Armed with these skills, most business management majors have takers from different industries who need dynamic people with management expertise. A business management degree from a reputed university can boost your career prospects across industries and domains.

Here are some of the most intriguing career options in the corporate world that are open to business management graduates.

  1. Sales executive: The role involves meeting sales targets of the company by contacting prospective or existing customers and pitching company products to them. In smaller organizations, the role can also involve customer service representation.
  2. Project manager: Project managers, popularly known as PMs, are responsible for ensuring company projects are completed with the requisite quality parameters within the set time. They also plan and coordinate between different teams and troubleshoot project issues.
  3. Client services manager: These professionals come up with suitable customer service guidelines and are responsible for implementing them within the sales teams and customer service teams. They also interact with prospective and existing customers to help and resolve their queries.
  4. Human resource manager: These professionals head the human resource management team in a company and oversee all aspects of employee engagement. Common job responsibilities include new talent recruitment, scheduling interviews, onboarding formalities, and payroll management.

There are plenty of other interesting career options out there for business management graduates. A few more career paths include:

  1. Front office manager
  2. Business development manager
  3. Staff Accountant
  4. Community Manager
  5. Supply chain manager
  6.  Marketing Manager

Other interesting roles include insurance agent, business consultant, administrative manager, and warehouse manager.

Most of these positions command a decent starting salary which you can further increase with additional qualifications.

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