It’s no secret that teen drivers are more of a risk on the road than any other driver. Inexperience coupled with still-developing brains, unfortunately, can be a lethal combination. But, in our commuter-centric society, it’s nearly impossible to keep teenagers out from behind the wheel.

Fortunately, there are a few things parents and guardians can do to keep their teens safe once they start driving!

Is your teen getting ready to get behind the wheel? Here are a few things you can do to keep your teen driver safe while they’re out on the road

Teach By Example

What are your driving habits? If you’ve been out on the road for several years and are comfortable driving, you’re bound to slip up on safety now and then. But, becoming lax in your safety could teach your teens to be careless with their own.

Before you start teaching your teen to drive, take some time to brush up on local traffic laws and make sure you’re driving as carefully as possible when you’re behind the wheel — especially when your teen is in the car with you. While you may not think your teens pay much attention to you, studies show that they’re watching you closely and picking up habits they’ll carry into their adult lives.

Take Them Driving

Depending on where you live, your teen may need to enroll in a driving course before they qualify for their driver’s license. But, these classes are no substitute for you taking them out on the road yourself.

By taking the time to take your teen out on the road yourself, you can make sure they understand the rules of the road and are picking up good habits. When you take them out driving yourself, you can also offer experienced tips and tricks while enjoying a little extra-special bonding time with your child.

When you start taking your child out driving, remember to start small. Taking them to a parking lot or other safe driving space will allow them to get a feel for the controls before they hit the road properly. And remember, while teaching your teen to drive may feel stressful, it’s much more intimidating for the new driver behind the wheel. So, try to practice patience and avoid yelling or harsh critiques while you teach.

Set Some Ground Rules

While you can’t control everything your teen does while they’re out of your site, that doesn’t mean you don’t hold a little sway over their actions. Setting hard and fast rules and enforcing those rules is an excellent way to monitor your teen’s on-road safety and make sure they’re picking up good habits.

These rules can include things like the number of passengers they’re allowed in the car, how late they can stay out, and even where they can go. Also, setting rules to encourage your teen to check in when they arrive at their destination and even installing a tracker for car can help you enforce your safe driving rules.

How to Keep Teen Drivers Safe

Now that you know a bit more about how to teen drivers safe when they’re out on the road, it’s time to get teaching!

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