The field of building construction is so diverse that we often get confused. We find it hard to know the meaning behind different fields and who handles them. One such thing that most people confuse is Floor Plan. What is a floor plan? Who handles it? Is it the forte of a Building Architect, building designer, or interior designer? We spoke to about it and here is what it revealed to us.

Floor and Space Planning is an important aspect of the complete construction process.

What is a Floor Plan?

They say that when you fail to plan the floor, you plan to fall on the floor. In simple terms, a floor plan is geometrical 2-D planning of the floor space. It is a hawk-eye view of the floor space divided into different rooms and alleys. Different types of spaces (like bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, living room, etc.) get drawn on a piece of paper or in software to get an idea about how things will be. An expert home designs Perth architect pays dire attention to this step. A floor Plan serves many purposes and benefits.

Why should you have Floor Plan?

Is Floor Plan required? What benefits does it serve? What are the many benefits and functions that it serves? Mr. Radium Singh had doubts about the importance of a floor plan, thus he escaped this step. The stories are that he was seen later on using a backhoe in the dark of the night.

  • It helps in getting a visual idea of space distribution.
  • A floor plan saves a person from future errors.
  • Saves huge sums of money due to better planning.
  • Helps in better interior designing.
  • A floor plan aids in knowing the air circulation and thus designing a better-ventilated house.
  • Improperly designed space can lead to future hazards. An expert building architect saves people’s lives and money through scientifically known space designs.
  • A floor plan helps in planning the traffic inside a home in a better way. When there is an impaired person inside a home, floor planning proves to be divine.
  • Saves a huge amount of energy due to efficient design.

But then comes the question of who handles the floor plan? What are the things that one should take care of while getting the floor planning done?

How to hire an expert building architect for the Floor Plan?

All floor plans are not the same. It requires divine level of expertise to design a home towards perfection. A poorly planned floor can ruin your home dreams — it can brutally hurl and smash and ruin your interior designing efforts too. You will easily see the difference between a naively planned floor space and the space planned by an expert. Take the case of a house that feels brutally hot in summer for example. A naive architect will not hold the knowledge of the science behind space and air circulation. Wrong dimensions, wrong placement, wrong design – these all can lead to air getting trapped inside, says Trapped air leads to a rise in the temperature. Furthermore, it can create dampness and a foul smell inside a home. We all remember stepping inside a room and squeezing our noses in disgust due to the bad smell.

A floor plan is one of the vital initial steps required to shape a home towards perfection. Consider it like a foundation. The better it is, the better remains the future. Furthermore, hiring an expert building architect serves an immense number of other benefits.

To understand the importance of an expert building architect one needs to understand the many functions it performs. It helps in showing the importance rather than telling the importance.

Roles and responsibilities of an architect!

An architect is considered to be the spine of a house. The better the expertise, the more beautiful a home comes out to be. And this is why Norman Foster had wisely said that an architect designs for the present with an awareness of the past for a future that is essentially unknown.

Here are the things that a building architect handles widely –

  • An architect plans the space and draws out the planned space. Floor planning is vital to house construction. This helps in knowing how things would be in the future with respect to each other. At present, there are CAD and BIM software available that give more clarity with respect to the design.
  • Architect helps in estimating the cost and creating things according to the budget. Certain home designs cost more in construction with respect to other designs.
  • Discussion of things with other experts. For example, a building architect will discuss things with an interior designer. It will help one save time and money. The best thing is to hire a company that handles different fields under one roof.
  • Visits the site and meets various people to discuss on-field things. This helps in bringing different projects together and creates a sense of harmony.

Now, these duties that a building architect performs serve many benefits to a person.

Benefits of hiring an expert building architect?

Remember the situation of Mr. Radium Singh? He had gone for the path of not hiring a building architect. Result? He ended up having a home that had poor natural ventilation and near-to-no space for stairs. The alleys in the home were too narrow to suffocate a person. When we hire an architect, we ensure that the home we are dreaming of reaches perfection. Imagine going to a gym where the instructor holds no knowledge of muscles, diet, exercises, and body-building instruments. You’ll surely end up getting a poorly built body with no symmetry at all. Experts are there for a reason. They help us save time and money.

  • An architect works on meeting the demands of people with the knowledge he holds.
  • We get a better design with a greater amount of functionality.
  • Helps us be efficient around energy consumption and thus save future costs. For example, a home with improper insulation and temperature retention will lead to a higher electricity bill and thus cost you more.
  • Help us choose the right material type according to the budget. Sometimes architects even reveal to us the latest technology in the market.
  • Architects work creatively around design and serve us with the best outcome possible as per our needs.

Always remember, that a building architect works as the spine of the house. If it is weak, the house will lean and limp, says . The best thing one can do to a home is to hire experts to nourish it in a better way. Building a home is a lifelong process that requires harmony between many things. You cannot miss one and expect grace inside a home. It is a wreath of planning, designing, and constructing. Make sure you serve your home with the care and respect it deserves.

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