Are you wondering “What is display advertising and how can it help my business?” With all the advancements in digital marketing , it can be hard to keep up with what business strategies are best for you.

To learn more about display ads, keep reading. In this guide, we will let you in on the basics of this targeted advertising method so that you can see if it would be a good method for you to add to your marketing strategy this year.

What Is Display Advertising? The Basics

Have you ever noticed ad banners across the top of certain website pages, or perhaps ads in the sidebar of web pages? How about an advertisement before watching a website video? If you have seen any of these ads, they are most likely display advertisements.

These ads target online users who have already visited your website, targeting ads to them on other websites that they visit in some cases. Other times, these ads can target those that are interested in your industry or product or have interacted with brands like yours. Also, if anyone has interacted with your content, you may also be able to target them through display advertising.

How to Aquire Display Ads

To acquire display ads, brands bid on advertising space. This combined with the quality of their ads will determine their ad rank, in other words, the optimized visibility of the ad is more likely to convert online users. In other words, the better your ad rank, the better your ad space.

You will pay per click into your ad which will fluctuate in pricing based on your ad rank and the success of your competition. It’s best to have a strong display advertising plan in place to make sure you are bidding on ad space with will convert. This means you should know where your target audience is most likely to hang out online and to bid on ad space on these domains.

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Remarketing Ads

A great way to generate quality leads while moving them further along through your sales funnel is to utilize remarketing display advertising. This works to remarket your brand and products to those who already have had some kind of experience with your brand in the past, whether it was making a purchase with you or nearly scrolling through one of your advertisements.

This works to market to those who already have some kind of recognition of who your brand is and what you offer, making marketing to them more simple and more effective. Remarketing ads can help you generate sales from customers both new and old for best results.

Display Advertising: An Effective Marketing Method

Now that you no longer have to wonder what is display advertising, you can consider this information and determine whether or not this is the marketing solution your company is in need of to start off the new year.

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