Be consistent with your investment if you want to see a significant growth of your money. Disciplined long term investors enjoy decent returns even during market turbulence period because short term ups and downs can be nullified with the long term investments.

Investing to Get Good Returns

Stock Market 

The most beneficial place for an investor is to invest his/her money in the stock market. For successful investing, you must invest systematically with a strategy. Successful investing in the stock market starts with finding companies with great profit potential. 

When you buy equity, you are entitled to receive a proportional portion of company profits in the form of dividends based on the stock value you own. After a substantial period when the value of the company increases, you can sell your shares to earn instant and good returns. So, you need to take advantage of the potential of the stock market by thorough research about stocks and pick profitable ones. Your profits are based on how well you research and estimate the company’s potential. To invest in the stock market, you need to open an online trading account and Demat account. 

If you are interested in intraday trading, you need to learn techniques to take advantage of short-term price fluctuations in the stock market. Intraday trading meaning is to trade securities within a trading session without keeping it even for overnight. It requires a thorough knowledge of the fundamentals and experience in the market. Bajaj Financial Securities Limited (BFSL) trading account is an online platform that helps you to catch the market fluctuations, fast entry, and exit without technical glitches. You can also save on brokerage costs with a BFSL trading account as you need to pay a flat rate per trade instead of the percentage-based trading fee.

Mutual Funds

Rather than investing directly in stocks, you can invest in mutual funds that enable you to buy stocks of different companies under the umbrella of a professional fund manager. The stocks in a mutual fund are managed by mutual fund managers who are experienced enough in the stock market. But fund managers’ fee is relatively higher. They charge a percentage based fee. 

An investor needs to decide in which scheme he wants to invest – Fixed Income Fund, Equity Fund or Balanced Funds.

  • If you have a long-term financial goal like retirement security and you are ready to take the medium risk, choose an Equity or Balanced Fund.
  • If you want to invest to meet a very short term objective, then go for a Liquid fund. 
  • If you need regular income, then go for an Income Fund.

You just need to determine your goal, rest will be handled by your fund manager but at a high cost of services. 

Fixed Deposits 

Fixed deposits are one of the best investments for investors with a low-risk profile. If you have a lump sum amount, you can invest it in fixed deposits at a fixed rate of interest and see your funds growing with compound interest. But invest only if you have idle cash. So that you do not have to withdraw it prematurely. Almost every bank and post office provides the facility of FD account but if you want to grow your money with a higher rate of interest, checkout company fixed deposits with higher credibility ratings by rating agencies.

You need not perform extraordinarily to get extraordinary results. Risk arises if you don’t know where and why you’re investing. What you need to do is to determine your risk profile, be consistent and invest smartly like an informed investor. If you are a risk-averse investor with a long term investment horizon, switch to FDs, provident fund. After having clear fundamentals about different investments, if needed, seek the advice of financial planners.