Picture clarity is one of the first criteria when choosing a television set. Besides resolution and colour quality, a TV’s screen size also plays an important role during such decision-making. 

While several screen sizes are available in the market, demand for 32-inch LED TV remains high since these fit into most individuals’ budget. Therefore, before making an informed decision, individuals need to have an idea of the nitty-gritty of the smart TV screen. 

How can TV screens ensure the best viewing experience? 

Following are some of the factors relating to a screen that individuals need to know. 

Screen size

Experts say the screen size should be proportionate to the dimension of the room where it is placed. For instance, if you opt for a 32-inch LED TV, you have to maintain a distance of 4 to 5 feet, depending on the screen resolution. 

It helps not only to ensure improved viewing experience but also saves the eyesight against screen glare. However, TV price increases with the increase in screen size. 


Most TV companies are coming up with different options when it comes to screen type. For instance, Samsung has launched a curved screen that allows individuals to provide a rich viewing experience with better angles. 

Among the LED TVs, there are divisions like OLED and QLED that decide the picture quality of a particular smart TV.  


Similarly, the buyers have the liberty to choose from different screen resolutions based on their budget. Generally, it ranges from full 4K HD to 720p HD. After one deduces the screen size, the resolution should adhere to the perfect combination with the screen’s dimensions. 

Besides these screen specifications, individuals also need to know about other factors as well to choose the best TV for their homes. Here are some of the factors –  

Operating system – Generally, Smart TVs come with an operating system of webOS, Tizen, or Android-based. It ensures an uninterrupted viewing experience with an improved interface. 

Latency and refresh rate – The latency rate is expected to remain below 30ms, and the refresh rate should be more than 60Hz. These configurations support lag-free operations and a smooth viewing experience. 

Sound quality – To improve the viewing experience, sound output also plays a crucial role. Typically, a 32-inch LED TV accompanies speakers of 20W. 

Connectivity – The direct connectivity to Wi-Fi and in-built apps allow individuals to enjoy their favourite show without switching the devices. Moreover, getting these TVs is also made easier with the emergence of e-commerce platforms and conventional offline stores. 

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