If you find that your HP laptop battery isn’t charging or doesn’t show that it is charging, don’t worry! There’s not only one person with the same problem. Many users are experiencing this problem, and we are there to assist everyone. Take your chill pill and go through the article posted here. hp laptop plugged in not charging

It will be a breeze and straightforward to get rid of the HP laptops that are not charging issues in the blink of an eye once you go through the details in this blog. So, don’t wag off! Keep your eyes glued to this site. It will be helpful to you, and your time will be preserved in the process. Hence, let’s begin!

Methods You Should Try To Fix HP Laptop Plugged In Not Charging

We know how frustrating it is when your LaptopLaptop was not charging when it was connected. We have compiled a list of possible ways to solve the issue. Take a look at the steps below and take them one by one:

Method 1: Perform Hardware Troubleshooting Guide

It is worth checking your Laptop’sLaptop’s power cable or AC adapter in case your LaptopLaptop isn’t charging. Follow the steps below to prevent similarities:

  • Your LaptopLaptop could not be charged if you are using a surge protector. Therefore, you’ll need to connect the Laptop’sLaptop’s wall outlet and determine if your battery is charged or not.
  • You may have a problem with your battery because you’re using an incompatible AC adapter. Use a different AC adapter to recharge your Laptop’sLaptop’s battery.

Keep going to the next step when you’re still unable to charge the HP laptop’s battery.

Method 2: Power Reset Your Laptop

A power reset erases all the memory in your Laptop Laptop. They can be instrumental in resolving battery issues. Therefore, follow these steps to reset the power on your LaptopLaptop:

  • First, shut off your HP laptop.
  • Now, gently remove your battery from the LaptopLaptop.
  • Then take the power cord off the LaptopLaptop.
  • Then, press and hold your power button until at most 15 seconds before releasing the button.
  • Place the battery in your laptop.
  • The power cord should be connected to the LaptopLaptop
  • Connect your LaptopLaptop to the power source and then charge the laptop battery

If you’re still having trouble with the HP Laptop that is not charging problem If you are still having issues, proceed to the next option.

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Method 3: Update Your Laptop BIOS

The next step to solve this issue is to update your Laptop’sLaptop’s BIOS (Basic Input/Output System). They are a program that controls connectivity between operating systems and laptop devices. Therefore, incorrect BIOS settings can cause problems when charging laptop batteries. So, to fix your Laptop’sLaptop’s battery not charging, attempt to upgrade the BIOS of your LaptopLaptop.

For updating your Laptop’sLaptop’s BIOS, it is easy to go to HP’s official website and locate the support section for your LaptopLaptop. Download the most recent BIOS, and then install it onto your computer.

Obtain Reliable And Cost-Effective HP Support For Your Laptop Battery Problem

If these methods will help you to eliminate HP Laptop that is Plugged In and Not Charging, then it’s fantastic! However, if your LaptopLaptop isn’t charging, then without delay, you should call HP’s Support team. For direct contact with them, you’ll need to call them immediately on their helpline 24/7. The issue will be solved within the shortest period as they are knowledgeable and knowledgeable.