The thyroid gland is crucial for the proper functioning of various parts of the human body. You require a healthy thyroid gland for the functioning of almost all your body functions, including your growth hormones and reproductive hormones. Any malfunctioning in the Thyroid can have serious impacts on your overall health. 

If you suspect that your Thyroid gland might be malfunctioning, or you notice a sudden increase or decrease in your Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH), then you should immediately get an At Home Thyroid Test. If the results are concerning, here is what you should do. 

1. Consult A Doctor

If your home test results are concerning, you should immediately take a doctor’s appointment. Firstly, you will need to get an appointment with your primary care doctor. They will examine you and run some basic tests to ensure that the test performed at home was accurate. 

Furthermore, you should consult with an endocrinologist as well to get yourself completely checked. You should know that Thyroid malfunctioning is not something to be taken lightly. Make sure that you share your symptoms with the doctor to get an accurate diagnosis. 

2. Get A Detailed Thyroid Function Test

You should request your healthcare provider for a detailed Thyroid functioning test. This test will measure the levels of Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH) in your body. You should also request free T4 and free T3 tests to further ensure that the problem exists. 

These tests will not only confirm the issue but they can also offer an insight into the condition of your Thyroid gland. Knowing the results can make it easier for you to decide your future course of action. 

3. Consider Your Family History

Your family history can play a crucial role in deciding whether you have a persistent issue in the Thyroid gland or if it is something temporary. If your family has a history of Thyroid malfunctioning, make sure that you inform your healthcare provider. 

Family history and genetics can play a crucial role in contributing to Thyroid health. 

4. Make Necessary Lifestyle Changes 

If you have been diagnosed with Thyroid malfunctioning, you might need to change a few things in your lifestyle.  Make sure that you are flexible towards these necessary changes to ensure quick recovery and maintenance of your health

You might have to include compulsory physical exercise in your routine along with a few changes in your eating habits. Moreover, you will have to manage your stress as it can be a contributing factor towards imbalanced TSH. 

5. Follow Up On Test Results

Make sure that you follow up on your test results and doctor’s diagnosis and keep your health in check. If the test results are positive, make sure that you get yourself checked by all the relevant doctors. The follow-up procedure will give you an idea about the necessary lifestyle changes that you will need to make. 

Moreover, depending on your test results, your doctor will provide you with a customized treatment plan that you will need to follow for your well-being.