Truck accidents are lethal. Big commercial vehicles, even small pickup trucks do a lot of damage when they hit a car, motorbike, or any other passenger vehicle. Therefore, when your truck becomes part of an accident, you should be prepared to call your car accident lawyer. A lawyer can help you by providing you with all the legal assistance you might need. 

After you become part of an accident, you should be prepared to counter everything you might face. You should know the right procedure for after-accident care so that only the guilty of the accident are punished. Here is what you should do. 

Call The Emergency 

You should immediately call 911 when your truck hits a passenger vehicle or someone else hits your truck. No matter how careful you are, after a vehicle hits another one, especially at high speed, the impact, and sudden jerk can cause neck and head injuries. Make sure to call the emergency response unit. 

A team of emergency response units will arrive soon at the accident site. They will provide you and the other party involved in the accident with medical attention. If serious injuries are involved, they will shift the victim to a nearby hospital. 

Talk To The Witnesses 

If you are in your senses, you should talk to the witness of the accident. Talking to the witness can help you clear your mind and gather all the facts. It can also help you realize whether the accident was your fault or not. 

Getting a third party’s perspective can help you formulate a better-informed statement that you can give to the authorities. 

Exchange Information 

You should never leave the site of the accident after getting involved in an accident whether in a city or on a highway. You should not let the other part run away either. 

You should exchange important information with the other party. For instance, you should share 

  • Name 
  • Contact information 
  • Address 
  • Vehicle number plate 
  • Insurance information

when you have this piece of information, you can contact the insurance company of the drive to receive your due compensation. 

Hire A Lawyer 

You should hire a lawyer to help you move forward with the case. A Truck accident lawyer knows all the ins and outs related to truck accidents. You should hire an expert lawyer to help you out in the situation. 

A lawyer can help you know your legal rights after an accident. He may also help you find a way to get minimum punishment if the accident was your fault. However, if you were the victim in the accident, your lawyer will help you get the right compensation for your loss. 

Report To The Police 

You should make sure to report the facts of the accident to the police. When you share the facts with the police, you can assure your case. This police report can be very helpful for you if you decide to take things to court. 

Police report can also help you get a fair idea of the damage done to the both parties so that you know what you are into, if accident was your fault.