Being locked out of the house is the worst thing that can happen to you. Some people get locked outside of their homes because they don’t have the key, while others break the key while opening their door. Well, it doesn’t matter what has forced you to stand outside of your house; calling a locksmith is the best option that you have.

Locksmiths are well trained to deal with such situations, and they have a wide variety of tools and equipment for opening locks on doors. In this blog post, we will discuss all the tools used by locksmiths for opening a door in an emergency.


Tripwire is one of the most common tools that is used by almost all the locksmiths out there. Tripwire is not an advanced machine as it is a simple curved tool used with the massive force for opening era door locks, and it is also used for frozen tumblers.

The locksmith inserts the tip of the wire in the keyhole, and by holding the lock with one hand, the locksmith turns the knob in the opposite direction for opening the door. Most of the high-quality tripwires are made from quality steel, and they are usually razor thin. Nowadays, trip wires have become so advanced that they can withstand rough usage and maintain their shape for years.

Hex keys

Hex keys are also known as Allen keys in many places, and locksmiths do not only use them as they can be found in any usual hardware store. But the way a locksmith uses hex keys for opening era door locks is a far cry from how you use these Allen keys daily.

A locksmith will usually grind down the top of the hex key to convert the key’s hexagonal shape into a U shape. This gives them two edges along with a proper groove in the middle. If the tripwire fails, a locksmith will use the hex key to open the lock by s2imply interesting it in the keyhole. So, we can say that locksmiths use hex keys just like the regular keys for opening locks.

Plastic shims

If the real problem is with the door lash, the locksmith will use plastic shims to unlock the door. The plastic shims easily fit into the thin gap of all the doors and different types of door frames without breaking or cracking the frame.

Nowadays, most of the shims are not very big, and they can be used for opening any spring-powered latch bolt without causing any damage to the door frame. Along with doors, the modern plastic shims can be used for opening window latches as well.

But just because locksmiths use plastic shims for opening doors doesn’t mean that you can buy one and make unlocking doors a DIY project. Along with plastic shims, locksmiths use many years of experience and skills for opening locks without causing any damage.

Dealing with a locked door can be pretty frustrating, and in the process of opening the lock, you might even damage the door. This is why it is always a better option to call a locksmith and get your lock opened professionally. A few dollars in the form of a locksmith’s fee can save you thousands of dollars on repairs. So, find an ideal locksmith in your city and unlock any door without any hassle.