Are you looking for a urologist in the area? If so, you might want to work with a urologist at Bryan Hospital. Some people might be looking to work with a urologist directly, while other people might have been referred to one by their primary care physician. A urologist is a medical professional who specializes in urinary tract issues, kidney concerns, and bladder issues. Learn more about some of the common issues that a urologist can diagnose and treat.

An Enlarged Prostate Gland

One of the most common issues that a urologist might address is an enlarged prostate gland. Men have a gland called a prostate which is an important part of their urinary system. In some situations, the prostate gland might get enlarged. As a result, you may have a difficult time using the bathroom. If you feel like you have a weak stream, interrupted stream, or painful stream, there could be an issue with your prostate gland. A member of the urology team will work with you, figuring out why your prostate gland is enlarged and what has to be done to fix the issue.

Kidney Stones

If you notice blood in your urine, lower abdominal pain, or pain that gets worse when using the bathroom, you may have a kidney stone. Kidney stones are made up of a variety of materials, but calcium and phosphate are some of the common culprits. If you have a kidney stone, it could block the outflow of urine from your kidneys through your ureters. There are some situations where a nephrologist might help you dissolve your kidney stone medically. If this is not possible, you may need to work with a urologist who can remove the kidney stone procedurally. Sometimes, scans have to be taken to see how large the kidney stone is before a treatment plan can be created.

Prostate and Testicular Cancer

There are several types of cancer that a urologist may treat, such as prostate cancer, bladder cancer, and testicular cancer. A urologist can take a look at your symptoms and perform a physical exam. Then, he or she might be able to work with the pathologist to grade and stage your cancer. Finally, your urologist will coordinate with the rest of your treatment team to figure out the best way to treat you.

Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

Erectile dysfunction, usually shortened to ED, is far more common than many people realize. This can be a significant quality-of-life issue, and there are a number of reasons why men might suffer from erectile dysfunction. In some cases, there is an organic or physical cause. A urologist can conduct a complete history and physical exam. Then, he or she can figure out why you might be suffering from erectile dysfunction. There are multiple treatment options available, and a urologist can customize them to meet your needs.

Work with a Urologist at Bryan Hospital

These are just a few of the many issues that a urologist might handle. If you are looking for help from a urologist, you should work with a urologist at Bryan Hospital. We have trained, experienced, and friendly professionals who can walk with you every step of the way, customizing a treatment plan to meet your needs. If you would like to learn more about how we can help you, please contact us today! It would be our honor to assist you with all of your healthcare concerns.