Turkish actor Feyyaz Duman can currently be seen not only in the series “Woman in the face of destiny”, broadcast by Happy Channel, but also on Kanal D in the production “Nehir”, in which he gives the replica of the beautiful Biran Damla Yılmaz.

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In the Turkish series “Nehir” / “Dam”, which ended in the country of origin on May 11, 2021, after 39 episodes, Feyyaz gives life to Nazim, a lonely man working on a construction site and whose face is disfigured in following an accident. He gets excited when he starts talking to Nehir, a woman he knows online and who he doesn’t know is cheating on rich men.

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Complexed by the way he looks, Nazim sends Nehir a picture with a more handsome colleague of his, but his lie is about to come to light when the girl decides to meet him in reality.

Feyyaz Duman was born 39 years ago in the Turkish city of Mardin, but also has Kurdish origins. He graduated from Istanbul Technical University, but wanted to become an actor, so he lived for 5 years in New York, where he took acting classes.

She made her television debut in 2016 with a supporting role in the series “The Intruder” (“Içerde”), followed by “Woman in the Face of Destiny” (“Kadın” 2017-2020) and “Nehir”. Feyyaz chose to give more importance to films, his first appearance in a film being in 1999, in a short film, “Boran”.

He has starred in 10 films so far, the most recent being “Kovan”, which premiered last year and in which he gave the reply to the actress Meryem Uzerli (Hurrem from “Suleyman the Magnificent”). Her performance in the drama “My Mother’s Song” / “Annemin Sarkisi” (2014) brought her several awards at genre festivals.

Feyyaz will play in a new series for Fox Turkey

Feyyaz’s career continues on an upward slope this year as well. According to gunes.com, he clapped to play in a series that will also be broadcast by Fox Turkey, as “Nehir”. The series has the provisional title “Yalancı ve Mumları” and is the Turkish version of the American production “Mistresses” / “Lovers”, from 2013, and along with Feyyaz will also play Ceren Moray, Şafak Pekdemir and Burcu Gölgedar. Produced by Medyapım, “Yalancı ve Mumları” will tell the story of 4 women with different characters. Actress Elçin Sangu is also in the books for a role, as it has not yet been decided whether or not she will be part of this project.  

Who won the heart of Feyyaz Duman

Feyyaz Duman has been living a beautiful love story with Zozan Shimekek for many years, a young woman who is not part of Turkish showbiz, and who became his wife in September 2019. Their wedding took place in Istanbul, in a fairytale setting, and with them were family members, but also several colleagues of the actor, such as Bennu Yıldırımlar, Sheriff Erol, Caner Cindoruk, Gökçe Eyüboğlu and Sahra Şaş.

The only absentee from the event was Feyyaz’s partner in “Woman in the Face of Destiny”, Özge Özpirinçci. Feyyaz has always been discreet about his private life, and his latest Instagram photo shows this. It seems that a few months ago the actor became the father of a little girl and decided to show her on Instagram only now. “Baby”, “grow delicately” are the words next to the photo that delighted the viewers.