The windscreen, also called windshield or auto glass screen, is not a single glass but two pieces and a laminated plastic layer in the middle. In case something strikes it, this kind of design prevents shattering the windscreen into larger pieces that are likely to cause harm and, instead, breaking into smaller ones. 

Even so, you must address damage to your glass screen immediately with the right windscreen repairs. This is because a damaged windscreen is a visual obstruction, becomes weak from the impact of flying objects, and quite unsightly. 

What are the types of windscreen damages?

The damages to a windscreen are not the same, and they may come from various sources:


You can identify a crack on your windshield when there is a line starting to separate the glass. Temperature changes can make the crack contract and expand, for example, exposing the glass screen to frigid air or hot sun rays while driving. 

While these cracks may begin small, they can grow and spread over time.  Also, dirt particles can easily find their way into the crack, making it worse eventually. Placing tape over a cracked windscreen can prevent it from growing, but it is only a temporary solution. 

Other daily stressors that your car receives can also worsen the crack. For example, the impact of driving over uneven roads, potholes, and speed bumps, can travel through the entire automobile. Also, repetitive stress can spread the damage fast.   


When an impact separates a part of the glass layer, a chip occurs. This minor blemish can be repaired easily, but you may opt for a windshield replacement if it has gone deeper. The top causes of windscreen chips are weather variations, stones and debris, sunlight, direct impact, and structural weakness.

Ensure to check your windscreen routinely to find out if there is any damage to the glass surface. Even a minor chip can lead to much more extensive damage to the auto glass screen. You may also find a problem in your hands without warning, such as while driving at speed. 

Besides cracks and chips, be prepared to deal with other reasons you need windscreen repairs.

When do you need a windscreen repair?

In general, glass screen repairs are cheaper than a complete replacement. But, if you have a crack that can fit a dollar bill, replacement may be a good option. A useful rule of thumb is a shallow chip and small enough to be suitable for repair. 

It is possible to repair breakage that forms away from the driver’s side, such as in the windscreen centre. Mostly, the location of the damage has no impact on the reason for repairing it. If the best solution is windshield repair, it is essential to do it immediately. 

A car glass specialist can determine the job necessary for a repair or replacement, depending on various factors like quantity, size, and type of blemish. 

Keep in mind that while you may go the DIY route when repairing your windshield, there is no going back when the repair fails. For this, you need to do it right the first time, or you may leave it in the hands of an expert car glass technician. These specialists have the proper training and experience to understand your windscreen problems and fix them accordingly.