The 4 C’s hold the utmost importance when choosing a diamond. The C’s are Clarity, Cut, Carat and Colour. You simply cannot overlook these factors. However, one more thing that is equally important is the shape of the diamond. When purchasing a ring for yourself or for your partner, you need to carefully select the shape of the diamond. If this is your first time buying a diamond ring, then this guide will help you get a gorgeous one for your pretty hands. 

First we need to understand the shapes that diamonds are available in. You will be astonished at the variety. Diamonds that are set in rings are mainly in ten different cuts. 

  1. Round – This is the most common circular diamond that we find in rings.
  2. Cushion cut – Has rounded edges. 
  3. Princess cut – Is square with rounded edges.
  4. Emerald cut – Is rectangular in shape similar to the green emerald in rings.
  5. Oval – Slightly elongated circle shaped with a pointed edge.
  6. Marquise cut – Flat upside with sharp edges.
  7. Pear shaped – Looks like a water drop.
  8. Asscher cut – Has 8 sides, octagon shaped with rounded edges.
  9. Radiant cut – Elongated Square with clear cut lines within creating mirror effects.
  10. Heart shaped – As the name suggests, a perfect heart with a pointy edge at the bottom.

No doubt all of these shapes and cuts are absolutely stunning and will win you over in a single glance; they are after all diamonds. But not all the shapes look good on everyone. When it comes to deciding which shape suits women the best, the things that need to be considered are how slim or chubby her hands are, how long her fingers are and if they are delicate or stubby, etc. Based on these we can decide the shape, however the shapes differ for different women. 

How to decide the best-suiting diamond shape?

We’d like to begin by saying that the round cut diamond is the classic shape for rings and will suit absolutely any kind of hand. It is the most preferred choice for hidden halo engagement rings. It is safe to buy if you are confused between so many choices and are unsure of which might look good on you. 

If you have smaller hands, then the idea of selecting a diamond shape will be to make the fingers look longer than they are. Pear shaped, oval and marquise cut diamond rings create an effect of elongated fingers because of their own longer dimensions. 

If you have stubbier or chubbier fingers, then you can easily pull off flashy and big rocks on your fingers without making it look too awkward or out of place. Radiant cut, emerald cut, asscher and heart shaped are big enough to fit on chubby fingers. They give a slimming effect to the hands and complement them more. 

If you have larger and prominently noticeable knuckles, then wearing an off-beat cut diamond such as a heart or pear shaped one will take the focus off your knuckles. It will make you less conscious of your hands as well.

For long and thin fingers, square shaped, princess cut, and other symmetrical shaped diamond rings look prettier giving away a very feminine impression. In conclusion, we’d like to say go with your heart and be a little bold and experimental while choosing a diamond ring, If you can carry it with style, any shape will suit you just fine. Check out the engagement ring London for amazing choices in diamond rings