Are you hosting an outdoor event? Well, then you might be on the search for the best event canopy  Miami FL for sure. But before you hire someone to get a canopy installed for you; it is important to see which canopy would be the best for your event. Each event requires a different type of canopy and it makes a huge difference if you are aware of what would look best according to your party.

We have listed some types of canopies that are commonly used these days, for different events. Whether you are planning a family gathering or you are hosting a bridal or baby shower or a friend’s meetup; you must know about the following types of canopies to choose the best one.

  1. Dome Canopy:

Dome canopies are a great pick and they demand an air blower or two, for constant air to flow in the tent properly. These types of domes are used for children’s parties and events mostly. They are usually used in schools, for planning fun activities for the kids.

  • Poles Canopy:

Pole canopies are used for large scale outdoor events and are the safest too as they have sturdy poles on the sides and center. They have high peaks and thus, they are able to fit in larger people easily. Due to the pandemic, this type of canopy is used the most as it lets people be distant easily and have fun at the same time. Also, if you have just had a knee replacement  Monroe LA or any other minor surgery or accident, poles canopy have a lot of space and lets you be safe, by sitting comfortably.

  • Carport:

Corrupt canopies can be termed as portable garages too. You can keep them with you, wherever you go. They let you park your vehicles in them. However, they are not good for events and neither are used for this purpose. They are extremely helpful during the harsh cold weather situations. For example, if it is snowing, you can open this tent and cover your vehicles for safety.

  • Shade Canopy:

Shade canopies bring extra protection from the sun and help you have enjoyable day events. They are also larger than the usual pole canopies and can fit in a huge audience in it too. They are a great pick to make if you plan to host a day event, with a large number of people. However, it is the best bet for people who have to sell their goods at an event or have to put up their products in a market.


A single canopy is never the solution for all. It does not fit everyone’s needs. Thus, the best thing to do is to have knowledge about the different types of canopies and which one can be suitable for your requirements to save yourself from the hassle.