Diamonds are one of the most popular and valuable gems in the world and this is why people love investing in diamonds. It is one of those investments that offers you guaranteed high returns and unlike stock market or bonds, there is no risk involved. You might be familiar with diamonds in the form of wedding rings only but people put their entire savings in diamond so that they can sell them when needed and gain some quick cash. Deciding to sell diamonds can be one of the best decisions but you have to be sure about the worth of the diamond first.

Estimating the real worth of a diamond can be quite tricky and because of this, there are chances that you might get underpaid for the valuable diamond that you own. If you keep tabs on the world of diamonds then you must be aware that the worth of a diamond is decided by the four C’s. But do you know that even the shape of the diamond can have a huge effect on its overall value?

So, before you decide to sell diamond jewelry, let’s learn how the shape of a diamond can influence its value.

There is a thin line of difference between diamond shape and diamond cut 

Many people think that both a diamond’s cut and diamond’s shape are the same thing but in reality, they are both different characteristics of diamond and both these characteristics play an important role in determining the real worth of a diamond.

The geometrical form of the diamond is known as diamond shape and it can be round, square and so forth. While on the other side, the cut of the diamond is the unique facet that aids in reflecting light for the stone and thus the stone produces sparkle and shine.

It’s true that a rough diamond always go through a cutting process so that it can be shaped and sold but both two characteristics of diamond mentioned above have different effects on the overall value of diamond. Knowing the difference between diamond’s cut and diamond’s shape can help you when you decide to sell diamond jewelry online or in local stores.

Understanding the importance of diamond’s cut

Never be in the misconception that the diaomond’s cut is only responsible for the sparkle and the shine of the diamond. If a diamond will be poorly cut then it will not only make the diamond look dull but it will also decrease the overall value of the diamond as well.

The type of diamond cut determines the quality of the diamond that is later categorized into four different categories; excellent, very good, good and fair. But only a professional can grade a diamond and even the professional needs to follow the standards set by the authoritative laboratory.

Why round shaped diamonds are more valuable?

Round shaped diamonds are one of the most valuable shapes of diamond, especially in the United States. Round shaped diamonds are so popular that they make up more than half of the diamonds sold and bought in the United States. This also makes round shaped diamonds twice as popular as the second most popular diamond shape; princess diamonds.

Although there are many new engagement ring trends floating in the market, the round shaped diamond in the ring has maintained its position throughout these years. So, it is basically the higher demand in the market that has made round shaped diamonds the star of the diamond’s shape.

In addition to this, there are few other factors that make round shaped diamonds more popular and more valuable. For example, the round shaped diamonds are cut in a specific way and it makes them shine more than any other shape. So, a round shaped diamond gives the desired sparkling and shining effect that everyone wants from a piece of diamond.

A round shaped diamond also requires more diamond to cut it from than any other shape in the market and this also increases the value of round shaped diamonds. The main objective while cutting a diamond is to minimize the waste as much as possible but since round shaped diamond cutting results in more wastage, its price is always high.

Another factor that makes round shaped diamonds more valuable is the precision and you must be aware of this fact after deciding to sell diamond jewelry. All the round shaped diamonds have the same shape but this is not the case with other shapes of diamonds. For example, the princess diamond shape should ideally be square but not all the princess diamond shapes are actually square in shape.

If you are planning on selling or buying diamonds then you must be aware about the influence of the shape of the diamond on its price as it might help you in getting the best deal out of your diamond transaction.