Do you think that you’re safe at your job? When working online and/or remotely, it’s easy to get lulled into the idea that jobs everywhere are as comfy and as safe as yours. The truth, on the other hand, is that there are so many incredibly dangerous jobs that people don’t even like thinking about them. With people performing these jobs on a daily basis and trying to stay safe, proper training is essential. When you’re working in confined spaces, proper training will literally save your life.

What is considered a confined space

While it might be logical to say that a confined space is always a physically small one, such spaces aren’t defined solely by physical dimensions. On the contrary, confined spaces are always defined by the hazards that might arise in such spaces. Knowing this, it’s easy to conclude that a confined space can be any tunnel, duct, manhole, tank, vessel, borehole, excavation site, inspection pit, etc. It is in spaces such as these that there are many risks for the people working there. The risks include losing consciousness when your body temperature rises or due to the lack of oxygen. There is also an increased risk in case of a fire or an explosion, as well as of the risk of drowning in case of an increase in the level of liquid.

Being educated

Now that we have determined what a confined space is, it’s time to understand why training to work in such places is important. Similar training sessions provide health and safety guides so you will understand, for example, just how carefully you should test the atmosphere before you enter. This is solely so that you can be better prepared before you enter such a space because you’ll know what equipment you should take with you. Proper equipment will keep you safe, and you don’t want to carry too much equipment or your movements might be limited. By performing atmosphere testing in advance, you’ll take only the equipment you need and leave the unnecessary pieces behind, allowing you to enter, do your job, and leave the confined space safely.

Determining risks

There is no way you can consciously make an informed decision unless you understand all the risks associated with your choices. When you undergo extensive confined space training, you will be able to correctly determine what risks are connected with a specific type of confined space. This way, you will be able to make a good decision that will keep both you and your coworkers safe in a confined space. You will know what equipment you can and should take with you, how long you should stay there, and should there be any problems, what to do to safely get out of there in record time. When you are able to determine potential risks ahead of time, you will understand exactly what emergency procedures to put in place before you get in.

Staying alert

Confined space training brings many benefits, but one of the most important things it gives a person is the necessary knowledge to help them understand all aspects of working in a confined space. Not only will you learn what constitutes a confined space, but you will also be acutely aware of all the hazards that you might encounter should you start working there. When you are well aware of the possible dangers that you can encounter in a confined space, you will almost unconsciously become way more alert to these dangers. As a result, you will be much more cautious than you would otherwise be and there will be fewer injuries to deal with. Not to mention that being alert at all times also results in more lives saved.

Know your responsibilities

It’s not just up to workers to be informed and educated about confined spaces, but the employees and supervisors too. When you are in charge of people who work in confined spaces, you have to know exactly what your duties and obligations are if you’re hoping to ensure their safety. Even with AI becoming an integral part of our lives, we can’t always rely on technology to keep us safe. Undergoing confined space training will result in both employers and employees knowing about all the legal obligations that a company they work for has to provide. Everyone who is working in confined spaces simply must have both the proper certifications as well as qualifications .

For some people, even the thought about spending time in a confined space is the stud the nightmares are made of. For others, it’s a regular occurrence and their normal work day. Confined space training will make a difference between a competent and incompetent employee, but even more so – it will literally save someone’s life. If you’re thinking about pursuing a career that requires you to undergo confined space training, take it seriously and don’t skip classes.