Consumers want honesty. According to a report conducted by Label Insight, 94% of American shoppers are more loyal to brands that are transparent.

Integrity in business isn’t just about brand image. As this statistic proves, integrious businesses can experience a rise in profits and repeat customers. This can lead to increased brand awareness and consumer loyalty for decades to come.

But, in a consumer culture of immediacy, having integrity may seem like a relic of the past. With rising costs, how can businesses champion integrity values?

Why does honesty still matter in the business world? Read on to discover why having integrity will always be of value for businesses.

Drives Decision-Making

Businesses have a lot of decisions to make. Those decisions take time, money, and effort to get right. From hiring decisions to expansion plans, a successful business is always planning ahead.

Promoting values in business can help ease this decision-making process. For example, integrity values can help define your hiring process and weed out unfit candidates. These values can also help you decide what business prospects you’ll pursue and which may be out of alignment.

Impress Customers

Consumers today are overwhelmed with choice. How can you make your business stand out among the crowd? Honesty and integrity are the ways to do it.

By being transparent with your customers and operating from a place of integrity, your customer can create a relationship built on trust. Unlike other companies that may not disclose processes or pricing, you can leverage transparent and open communication. Moral principles can create long-term bonds and lead to repeat customers over time.

Respects Employees

Just like your customers, employees value honesty and integrity. Creating a workplace that champions these principles can help your organization. Honest businesses encourage employees to be transparent and disclose any doubts or issues.

This open communication can help employers feel more connected with employees. Companies that make employees feel in the dark or hide valuable information from their team won’t benefit. In fact, these companies may see their employees less motivated to perform or leave the organization.

Define Processes

How will your business actually function? How will you implement integrity and honesty in the workplace? Defining a process and choosing the right tools can help you create the workplace environment you have always envisioned.

For example, this check stub maker can help your business track payments with efficiency and transparency. Honesty in business is an idea. But, it’s these tools and processes that can actually make the practices come to life.

Integrity in Business Can Drive Success

So, why does integrity in business still matter? Integrity helps your business become more successful both internally and externally. Internally, integrious businesses can drive their decision-making processes and keep employees happy and engaged.

And externally, honest businesses can appeal to consumers and stand out in a saturated business environment. This can lead to increased profits and successful outcomes. Did you find this information helpful? Then, check out our other business stories.