With the developing number of venture open doors accessible in Pakistan, investors are taking a gander at property interest in Gulberg Islamabad, which is one of the city’s new housing projects.

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Gulberg Islamabad, an extravagance city a work in progress, is an undertaking of the Intelligence Bureau Employees Cooperative Housing Society (IBECHS). This government assistance association effectively attempts to give IB representatives housing choices. The task is created on the Islamabad Expressway, because of which it will directly profit from the road’s change into a 25-kilometer long, without signal road interfacing Rawat and Zero Point.

The administration board is comprised of in-service IB staff. IBECHS is a notable organization that has finished an assortment of housing projects. As it tries to be a city inside a city, it will give the individuals keen on putting resources into Gulberg Islamabad each of the conveniences one expects to carry on with a blissful and agreeable life. The region is known for its amazing landscape, and the foundation is savvy, modern, and durable, promising a steady, solid, and lavish presence.


Following are the engaging elements of Gulberg Islamabad which make it perhaps the most encouraging housing plan in Islamabad where you can invest for a specific benefit in the long term.

  • Location: 

Gulberg’s housing plan is arranged at the ideal place of the primary Islamabad Highway close to Airport Chowk. Significant housing plans are found simply opposite Gulberg and, surprisingly, in the neighborhood, i.e., Naval Anchorage, Jinnah Gardens, Korangi Town, Pak PWD, Pakistan Town, and Bahria Town.

The area is the most appealing element of Gulberg since the separation from downtown Islamabad isn’t more than 20 KM while driving on the principal Islamabad Highway. This area is far superior to DHA or Bahria Town, and the adjoining society, i.e., Ghori Town, doesn’t match the standards presented by Gulberg.

  • Price Structure:

Cost is one more engaging element driving interest into Gulberg. If you look at the per Kanal cost of Gulberg with some other created social orders in the area, you will be astounded to know the distinction. It has choices to serve to assume you have a financial plan of at least 30 lac rupees to put resources into Gulberg. 5 Marla plots are additionally sent off to fill the need of low-financial plan interests in the public arena.

Since prices are as yet reasonable, particularly for documents in Gulberg Residencia, there are high possibilities of good capital addition within two or three years. Do you know that there are rudn enclave plot for sale

  • Great ROI:

Gulberg Green has generally gauged exorbitant interest among home purchasers and property investors. One conspicuous element that draws investors toward Gulberg Green is the high likelihood of the profit from the venture. The explanation for this specific assertion is the Location. In light of its focal Location between the twin urban communities, it is more functional for individuals to move there. It is hardly 10 minutes from GT Road and is arranged on the primary Islamabad Highway, and it is accessible from both twin urban communities. No comparative property of its sort is found close by, so it makes sense that individuals will intend not long from now to move to the endeavor.

  • Standards of Development:

Aside from Location, the advancement principles of Gulberg settle on it unmistakable among the venture decisions at this cost range. Assuming you enter Gulberg from Main Islamabad Highway, you will be shocked to see the nature of improvement in Gulberg Greens, where 4,5, and 10 Kanal farmhouses are situated in various squares. Assuming you are an individual searching for extravagant living in Islamabad, Gulberg has all you want for quality living at a reasonable expense. Other than guidelines, the speed of advancement is good. Advancement work has been a lot quicker in the beyond two years, and it is customary to finish all improvement work within the following 2 to 3 years.

  • Investment Opportunities:

Investing in Gulberg Islamabad will assist you with having a comfortable living. Numerous investors like the region because of its ideal spot, which is the reason assuming that you are hoping to purchase plots in Gulberg Green Islamabad, you are getting yourself a familiar future. Gulberg Greens is in CDA zone 4 of Islamabad Capital Territory, whereas Gulberg Residencia is in CDA zone 5. Gulberg Greens is a particular farmhouse project that takes special care of the social elite. These farmhouses give a comfortable and elevated expectation of living, making them ideal for those that need to get a long way from the monotonous routine and city life.


Gulberg Islamabad will completely change people by furnishing them with a protected and extravagant way of life. Since it is arranged on the principal Islamabad Highway and in a focal location, it is reasonable for individuals of both Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Besides private and green regions, the venture has nicely developed spaces that can oblige an assortment of organizations. Read more about 1947 Housing society

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