What is Live Shopping?

Online shopping is a widely successful phenomenon that has changed the world’s shopping experience. Presently, live shopping is slowly creeping into the scene, and while it may leave you pondering about how it works, it has multiple benefits.

Livestream shopping can include fashion shows, product reviews, or influencers reviews. But many still cannot fathom why live shopping for e-commerce is becoming the future of shopping. Let us clear some confusion below by discussing some stream shopping features that are helping it grow.

Why Live Shopping Is Gaining Popularity

  • Live Interaction: Streams are live as there is no option to pre-record. It gives the audience the chance to interact live and present their reviews. Thus, it does not cut down on getting the customer’s opinions on products. Live streaming products bridge the gap between online shopping and in-store shopping.
  • Enhancing Brand Value: When you broadcast your products on live streams, it can help your brand gain new consumers. It can heighten the existing customers’ interest and give your brand a distinctive identity. Livestream shopping can help small businesses a lot by pulling in more and more people.
  • Educate Your Audience: Live shopping can help you educate your audience about different products. They will understand the hard work that goes into each item, and they get to see the stories behind each of them.

Now that you know the benefits of stream shopping, you may want to delve into it. To understand the concept, you may have to understand the working of different platforms that allow creators to live stream. 

Here are a few streaming live platforms.

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Live Stream Platforms

  • Bringin Live Video Shopping

Bringin Live Shoppingis an Indian streaming site that allows creators to do quick reviews, long-form ones, and product unboxing videos. It helps users to clear out confusion regarding products and make better shopping decisions.

With Bringin Live Video Shopping, creators can also help users keep up with new trends and styles. The platform allows stream shopping in regional languages as well. It makes streaming products on Bringin pretty easy. It helps creators with consumers around the globe on any device they have to enhance their shopping experience.

  • buywith

When you are shopping online, there are times when you need a second opinion. With buywith, you can press the ‘WANT’ button and buy products while streaming them. It saves time and also blocks negative comments. Users can shop with the hosts from any device and anywhere.

  • Livecale

Livescale allows companies to market faster thanks to their multi-cloud platform. It is a consumer-centric company that aims to change the way brands engage and sell to their community. Their diverse team has people from different nationalities all over the world. This live stream shopping app boasts of clients like L’Oréal, Knix, and RB.


The world of live shopping is a reasonably new one. Stepping into it takes research and consistency. But once you understand how it works, it can help your brand grow by attracting new customers. It also benefits the consumers. With the advent of shopping live, customers will be able to make thought-through and well-researched decisions.

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