Flooring is becoming more and more essential part of interior design. But choosing the right flooring is a tough task. Especially after looking at the variety of flooring available in the market. In addition, you need to think about the themes and style as well while selecting the flooring. But there is one such flooring that can suit almost every style and theme, that is herringbone flooring

Do you know how beneficial it is for you? If not, then keep reading our blog post. Here we have discussed the benefits of using herringbone flooring. So, you know why you must choose herringbone flooring for your home. But first let us start by understanding the meaning of herringbone flooring. 

Herringbone flooring

Herringbone flooring is a type of parquet flooring, which is a geometric mosaic of wood pieces that are used on flooring as a decoration. Parquet patterns are often geometrical, and angular such as triangle, square or lozenges which have curves in it. The most popular parquet flooring style is herringbone.

The name herringbone came after herring fish, herringbone flooring has a symmetric design just like herring fish bone. 

Benefits of herringbone flooring

In this section we have talked about the benefits of herringbone flooring:

It gives you an aesthetic look

There is no wonder to say that herringbone flooring is known for its aesthetic appeal. You can easily upscale your home by installing herringbone flooring into your living room. Also, this gives you the look of a solid hardwood that can automatically become a statement piece. 

Herringbone flooring has low maintenance

When you buy any flooring you need to think about the maintenance that comes with it. Nonetheless, herringbone flooring has a smooth surface, which means no dust or dirt will get trapped, meaning you don’t have to worry about cleaning it everyday. This makes herringbone flooring perfect for kitchen, living room, and entrance.

It has high stability

Without a doubt we can say that herringbone flooring is one of the most stable flooring styles. That is why most people choose this flooring, they are getting style that too with high stability. Also, if you choose engineered wood herringbone style you can get that at a much affordable rate.

It is durable

Another important reason to choose this flooring is because it is durable. When you’re installing a new flooring obviously you will want that to last for a long time. And that you get from herringbone flooring because it can last for many years. It is also depending upon the wood type you are choosing for this style.  

The bottom line

In conclusion, herringbone flooring is the most popular flooring style at the present time. It comes with great benefits such as aesthetic appeal, high durability and stability. Also, it has very low maintenance. Therefore, after doing a thorough analysis, we will say, herringbone flooring is a best suited choice for your home.