Why should you install a Concrete Driveway?

you install a Concrete Driveway

The driveway should be the first thing homeowners think about when they are thinking of updating their homes. A new concrete driveway can make your home look better. A new concrete driveway will not only improve the exterior of your house but will also make it safe for you and your children to play. 

There are many things to consider when installing a driveway. Asphalt and other materials can have their pros and cons. However, concrete has several advantages choosing concrete for your driveway material. For all needs of your Driveways, Hallmark Driveways in Edinburgh is consistently accessible to give you the best in quality and cost.

Here are the advantages of installing a Concrete Driveway


An asphalt driveway offers many benefits, including a lower upfront cost than a concrete one. Although asphalt driveways are cheaper than concrete, it is worth considering the long-term cost and maintenance costs. Asphalt driveways are less durable than concrete driveways because of their tendency to crack and crumble.

Concrete driveways can last up to 30 years if you take care of them properly. All you have to do is clean it with a hose, and then re-apply sealant every few years. An asphalt driveway should last approximately 20 years. 

Asphalt driveways should be cleaned with a stiff brush at least twice per year. Asphalt driveways must be sealed also every two years. Cracks and holes in asphalt should be repaired immediately to prevent further damage.

Cool to the Touch

Concrete is a light-colored material so it doesn’t heat up as much in summer. Asphalt is a darker color and absorbs the sun’s heat. It can even fry an egg. You could get burns from playing on asphalt driveways that are too hot.


Concrete driveways don’t have to be boring and plain. You can make your concrete driveway more attractive and unique by using a variety of techniques. Stamped concrete can give your driveway a new look with its wide range of stamp templates.

Stamped concrete can transform your driveway into tile, brick, flagstone, or even wood. After you’ve chosen the best pattern, you can choose the colors. You can choose to have a colored driveway!

Although we would love to discuss all the different ways that you can beautify and customize an asphalt driveway, it is not possible. Asphalt is a great choice if you don’t mind a dull and black driveway.

Capacity for load-bearing

Concrete is an inflexible material that can withstand heavy loads better than asphalt. Asphalt can handle heavy vehicles, but asphalt will not. This can lead to pavement deformation. Concrete driveways can withstand the weight of a dumpster placed in them for a few weeks while you are renovating your home.

Maintain a Clean Surface

Asphalt driveways can evaporate oils from the mixture and cause them to rise to the surface. These oils can stick to your shoes and cause them to track through your home and carpet. It gets worse during the summer when temperatures are high.

Cement, on the other hand, doesn’t emit oils so you don’t need to worry about moving these materials around your house.


Imagine asking your neighbors and friends what type of driveway they prefer. The majority would answer concretely. Concrete driveways are more popular than asphalt driveways so they sell quickly. A cement driveway will also give you a better chance to recoup some of your driveway costs down the line.

Cement driveways are a great option for selling your house. A plain cement driveway looks better than an asphalt driveway, even if it doesn’t have stamped concrete or colored concrete. We are sure that you will agree.