Business Analytics Course Online – Not A Bad Idea

Attention millennials and digital natives. If your Mom has been nagging you to attend a business analytics course online, then don’t get annoyed with her. She’s got a point there. Read on further. Then go back and give her a hug.

First things first, who are business analysts and what do they do?

Business analysts and analytics experts are people who bridge the gap between the data and the various business teams in the organization.

Once data scientists have analysed the data and sorted it to be used by business analysts, the latter then scrutinize the data to analyse it further from the business perspective. They look for information they can share with the marketing and sales teams to help them optimize their efforts for maximal success.   They may also help operations and support teams to help them diagnose problems and find opportunities for improvement in the products, services, and internal or external processes.

Here are a few reasons why your Mom is right, and you should be paying heed to her advice.

  1. Your Mom Knows It

You Mom has probably been reading about what is going on in the career world, so she can do her bit to guide you along.  She has probably seen in her own office or heard about or read about the growing importance of business analytics for the success of business, and the growing demand for business analytics professionals.  She knows that you can quickly get a job related to business analytics and have a head start to your career.

  1. Get Industry Ready

If you have just finished college or about to, then a business analytics course online  will be very helpful for you to get industry ready with the necessary skill set that will give you a nice breakthrough.

  1. Upgrade Your SKills

If you are already working in an entry-level role or other with a year or more of experience already under your belt, then it would be prudent to upgrade your skills to help you take a quicker leap to the next level of your career.

  1. Good Career Prospects

All the major companies across all verticals are recruiting business analytics professionals. This includes e-commerce companies, food delivery, travel and ticketing, startups, SaaS companies, IT and ITES companies, telecom, banking and finance sector, data science companies and more.  BA Times had predicted that the number of jobs for business analysts in the US will rise from 364,000 to 2,720,000 by 2020 and keep rising further in 2021.  

In India, business analytics professionals are being hired in all the major cities, across all kinds of verticals.

  1. High Paid Jobs

Yours is a lucky generation to have the opportunity to avail high paid jobs, even as you are just getting started with your career. Thanks to the need for business analytics..

As on date (30th July 2021), there are 3,915 Jobs in the INR 2 lakhs to 12 lakhs category on glassdoor alone. There are further 4000 plus openings in the INR 12 lakhs to 25 lakhs category.

The average salary in India in the last few years for business analytics professionals across various levels and roles is about INR 12 lakhs. 

  1. Fast Career Growth

As the business analytics function in companies continues to expand with growing business, there will be quick opportunities for elevation as you keep gaining experience.  Depending on your performance and skill level, you may soon get opportunities to  lead a team of entry level business analysts and data scientists.

  1. Exponentially Growing Demand

Business analytics is not a passing fad. It is here to stay, because harnessing the power of data is a proven way for businesses to stay in the game, survive and thrive. If anything, the demand for business analytics professionals will only grow exponentially. And with the competition and pressure induced by the growing number of startups, SaaS companies, (not to mention the pandemic), business analytics has become all the more critical for companies looking to cut costs and increase profits.

Now you know why your Mom is eager that you should join a business analytics course online.  The added advantage of a flexible online course is that you have the flexibility to spend time with your friends and have fun, while you upskill yourself, get industry ready, and gear up for a nice start to your career. Go, hug your Mom.