Do you know there are numerous business ideas for small towns you can try out?

Small towns don’t have the same traffic as big cities, but they’re usually bustling with activity. They thus create a fantastic starting point for most businesses. Small towns present an untapped market increasing the chances for your business to thrive.

Small towns identify as areas with 5000 residents or fewer, and 8.4% of the US population live in such settings as per Census estimates. Small towns are highly preferred as people look for some peace and tranquility. Therefore, the local business scene in small towns is up for the taking, so try spotting a lucrative niche.

Growing your business in small towns has its benefits, like bringing you closer to the market. You’ll need to find small town business ideas that serve current market demand. Small town business opportunities are endless, and you’ll need careful research and community understanding to pull it off.

Big cities can have tremendous success, but small towns can have thriving businesses, too. Read on to find solid business ideas for small towns.

1. Restaurant

Small towns deserve good restaurants to fit resident dining needs. You should consider opening a restaurant if you have a passion for food service.

Dining needs are prevalent in every community so, consider opening a diner or fine-dining. People still need a spot they can catch up and enjoy a selection of professionally made meals.

You can get the edge by specializing in a local foods menu. Out-of-town visitors enjoy the premium experience of what the town is about at your restaurant.

Remember not to go into it half-heartedly. Restaurants require dedication; thus, your experience will be critical to the business’ success.

Going cashless can make your restaurant business lucrative so, learn more on cashless businesses.

2. Bed and Breakfast

Does your town experience tourists often? Bed and breakfast are an excellent fit for a small town to offer accommodation for its guests.

Travelers are always in search of suitable accommodation that bed and breakfast can offer. If you have a large home, you already have what it takes. The bed and breakfast business can assist you in filling empty rooms.

The Bed and Breakfast concept is viable, but you’ll need a PMS system to manage bookings and charges.

3. Hair Salon or Barbershop

Hair grooming needs are insatiable since people have the desire to look decent. A hair salon or barbershop, therefore, is a great business idea for a small town.

Any business able to serve people of all ages that come repeatedly has better success chances. The hair salon or barbershop fit both profiles, making it an impeccable business idea.

You’ll need to equip the hair salon with additional services for a value that goes beyond haircuts. You’ll likely build a close connection with your customers with such a business, earning you good money.

4. Fitness Studio

If you think starting a gym in a small town is a bad idea, think again. You’ll be surprised by how much demand a fitness studio can attract, making it a successful business.

Fitness is everyone’s goal and considering its health benefits; more people yearn for the service. As a professional fitness instructor, you’ll have recurrent customers in your gym.

Your fitness studio doesn’t have to be massive; just sizeable. Ensure you offer a range of services like yoga and dance classes to popularize it among locals.

5. Automotive Repair Service

Most people living within rural small towns own a car, but routine servicing is a hassle. Why not take charge of this obvious need? Starting an automotive repair service in small towns can prove lucrative.

A mechanic within the town offers more convenience for locals. You might put your skills to use in service of the locals so, set up shop.

If your town is a significant distance between cities, have tow trucks that charge per mile. Towing services for the small town will serve car breakdowns within the vicinity. A comprehensive garage resonates with the local’s needs creating a lucrative venture.

6. General Contractor or Handyman

Who do the locals call on for the odd jobs? If you already have some hands-on skills start a general handyman business.

Being a handyman doesn’t need extensive training but is an invaluable service in small towns. You’ll get to handle leaky pipe repairs and construction works that open you up to the market.

Most of the handyman works doesn’t need perfection, and you can learn on the job. Familiarity with the small-town locals offers you an advantage that elicits business success.

7. Computer and Electronic Repairs

Now that remote working is a thing; most small-town residents will have computers. Setting up a computer repair business in small towns can serve a budding market.

Computer repair is quite tricky, and you’ll need extensive background experience. Such services mean you can also handle the repair of other electronics like TV.

Being the go-to person for electronic problems in a small town helps your business thrive.

8. Pet Store, Grooming, and Boarding

Pet supplies within small towns are hard to find, making pet-keeping expensive. You can solve that by starting a pet store for supplies, grooming, and boarding.

You’ll need to research the pet population in the town first to establish demand. A pet store can quickly become a pet owner’s favorite since they want the best for their pets.

9. Grocery Store

Although an obvious choice for small town businesses, grocery stores are often overlooked. With the guaranteed prevalence of basic needs among locals, starting a grocery store can be profitable.

It’s practical to set up shop within a strategic location to make it accessible. Ensure that you’ve stocked a variety of goods to serve the wide range of demanded commodities.

You could differentiate yourself from existing grocery shops by having specialty foods. This idea works explicitly when the town isn’t agricultural.
Create a payment system to capture demand while tracking inventory.

10. Drug Store

Where do the locals get their medicine when sick? If it’s out of town, consider starting a drug store.

Even though setting up a drug store requires more legwork, it’s a great opportunity. Ensure you have the proper licenses and insurance to start.
A drug store is an essential business offering medicine refills and purchases within the small town.

Consider the Above Business Ideas for Small Towns

Small towns have sizeable foot traffic, which is critical for business success. Explore the small town vibe by investing in your preferred business niche. Consider the above business ideas for small towns to identify your next potential business.

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