If your feline family member loves snacking on dry kibble, maybe it isn’t always a superb choice. The dry pet food may contain bacteria and mycotoxins that are potentially harmful to your pet’s health. They can also turn rancid if left sitting in the bowl for some time. Many medical issues in feline pets are attributed to consuming rancid fats, like malnutrition, diarrhoea and kidney and liver diseases. Sometimes, it may even prove fatal to your fur baby.

With cat insurance, you may provide excellent health care for your pet if she contracts any critical medical condition. Still, it would help if you took concern about your munchkin’s nutrition right from the beginning and provided her with suitable meals. Purchase pet insurance, so your furball is covered for health issues, accidents, and health emergencies at all times. Still, look for better food alternatives, so she stays happy and healthy. One solution is feeding her wet food!

Why must my cat eat wet food?

Dry pet food contains little moisture. In contrast, wet food is rich in water content. When your kitty cat feeds on dry food, she may need another water source to meet her body needs. However, by providing her wet food, she gets essential nutrition along with sufficient water. It is a brilliant method to keep her hydrated if she is hardly sipping from her water bowl.

One word of caution – don’t leave the wet food sitting in her bowl for a long time as it can be a breeding ground for bacteria. Best to clean the bowl after she’s eaten and replace with fresh food when needed.

How does wet cat food prove helpful to my cat?

1.     Hydration!

Cats are known to enjoy drinking fresh water that is on the move, like running water or from a waterspout or tap. They don’t usually sip from stagnant ponds or still water sources. It is typically why cats sometimes hesitate to drink from water bowls. However, about two-thirds of your kitty’s body comprises water. So, her delicate body needs enough water to sustain and you, as a cat parent, must ensure her needs are met. Purchase a cat fountain to encourage her to drink more often.

2.     Promotes body mass!

Wet cat food has iron, zinc, biotin, and high protein constituents necessary to maintain firm muscles in your kitty’s body. Your cat needs proteins throughout her life, right from early kitten days through to the senior years. The major components of your kitty’s weight are fat mass and lean body mass. The lean body mass comprises bones, ligaments, muscles, and organ systems. These biological structures decline with age, and wet food considerably compensates for the deficiency and helps your kitty stay healthy.

3.     Variety food!

Your kitty may be too bored to munch on the same food day in and day out. Also, kitty may not be too happy eating the dry pet food every day, so provide her with a change by feeding her wet cat food instead. They are available in several flavours, and small portions make it easier for your cat to lick and eat.

Provide your kitty cat with wholesome meals, so she stays healthy. Else she may have to deal with infections, diseases, and age-related disorders quite early in life. With cat insurance, she is assured of the best medical care in town. Purchase a pet insurance policy, so her medical needs are met with little burden on your wallet.