Owning a business is part of the American Dream, with Americans submitting 4.35 million new business applications in 2020 alone. That’s roughly 24.19 percent more than in 2019.

But guiding a business to success can be a huge challenge. A shocking 96 percent of businesses fail within 10 years.

So, how can you ensure that your business lands in the exclusive 4 percent? One way is to go out of your way to improve efficiency in your business. In this blog, we show you how to build an efficient business, so you dramatically increase your chances of success.

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1. Automate Tasks as Much as Possible

Technology has revolutionized the way businesses operate, and you need to take advantage of new trends in business. One way you can harness the power of technology is by automating whatever tasks you can.

There are many business tasks you can automate, including:

  • Appointment scheduling
  • Sorting and responding to business emails
  • Data back-up
  • Social media posting
  • Sending receipts to your vendors
  • Sending out paystubs to staff members

Automating business tasks enhances business efficiency by saving your employees lots of time. They can use this time on other productive business tasks that need critical thinking and a human touch.

2. Outsource Non-Core Business Activities

Another powerful technique when building a business is to outsource tasks that you don’t primarily deal with. The fact is you can’t be an expert in all activities in your company.

Instead of hiring an in-house team to take care of non-core business functions, consider outsourcing from an outside firm. Outsourcing is generally much more cost-effective than hiring a full-time team.

If you need help with business procurement, you can turn to a third-party provider that offers procurement solutions. Other tasks you can outsource include human resource management, payroll, marketing, IT, and accounting-related functions.

3. Stick With Your Established Process

Another tip for growing a business is sticking to the established process once you start a project. Some people try to speed things up by cutting corners. The problem with doing so is that you’re more likely to miss something, which only costs you time and money to fix later.

Things generally go smoothly when you stick to a process that’s already been proven to work.

Note that sticking with the process doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll never need to change things up. What you need to do is avoid changing things on a whim because you’ve just discovered you’re behind schedule.

In the past, the inventory records were kept on paper or spread sheet. The modern-day retailers realized the necessity of using software. While on paper gives you an appropriate picture of the inventory, the data must be studied in conjunction with the sales numbers.

Any change in your process should always be done intentionally. Communicate openly with every member of your team once the change has been approved. Doing so helps keep running things efficiently.

Running an Efficient Business Doesn’t Have to Be Difficult

In an increasingly competitive business environment, you need to enhance efficiency to stay ahead. Doing so isn’t the reserve of gurus alone. With the tips we’ve suggested in this blog, you can build an efficient business in no time.

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